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1000 mg cbd oil review

Blessed CBD 1000mg Oil Review

Blessed CBD aims to close the quality gap between US oils and those available in the UK. Made exclusively for the UK, their small range of premium products includes three strengths of CBD oil and a CBD balm. At the heart of each of their products is an organically farmed, whole-plant full-spectrum extract.

This 1000mg oil (10% strength) from Blessed CBD is attractively packed in a 10ml, brown glass bottle and wrapped with a smart, blue and white label. Most of the essential information is present on the bottle itself, but you can find more details on the accompanying packaging. Each purchase arrives with a small cardboard box, information booklet and a card showing the third-party lab results.

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Who are Blessed CBD?

Blessed CBD are a small family business based in Edinburgh. They founded their company when they became aware of the deplorable state of the UK CBD industry. Misleading information, inferior quality products and long delivery times made them determined to shake things up by developing their own ‘premium’ products.

Despite being a relative newcomer onto the UK CBD scene, Blessed CBD have already had an impact. They are often praised for the purity and strength of their oils and their use of organically farmed hemp.

Blessed CBD oils are produced from hemp grown on pesticide-free farms in Colorado, USA. The whole plant is milled into a coarse powder and the cannabinoids are extracted with supercritical CO2. The extract is then mixed with a carrier oil and made up to strengths of 500mg, 1,000mg and 1,800mg.

Blessed CBD Products

As well as the 70mg CBD cream, Blessed CBD also offer a range of other hemp based cannabidiol products:

Note: The full-spectrum oil is being phased out for a new version. A review of this will be coming soon.

Third-Party Lab Tests

The reputation of Blessed CBD’s 1000mg oil is so impressive that I would expect the third-party lab tests to back it up. The certificates for the most recent batches are available via the main navigation menu, but none of the older ones are available.

At first glance of the analysis, it’s easy to see that this is a full-spectrum oil. The analysis shows detectable quantities of several cannabinoids, including cannabidivarin and cannabigerol:

  • CBD = 7.31%
  • CBDa = 2.24%
  • CBG = 0.02%
  • CBGa = 0.02%
  • CBDV = 0.06
  • CBDVA = 0.02
  • CBN (not detected)
  • CBC = 0.04%THC = 0.1%

Despite the detailed cannabinoid profile, I felt that there were a few points that would benefit from further explanation. For example, the quantity of CBD was noted as 7.31%, which doesn’t match the 1000mg on the bottle. 1000mg would come up as 10% but even the combination of CBD and CBDA only reaches 9.55%.

I contacted Blessed CBD and they said:

“The 10% also includes the other cannabinoids present in our products, and not just the CBD on its own.”

Despite Blessed CBD’s claims of transparency, this feels sneaky. The majority of CBD oils display the amount of CBD only as a milligram amount on their packaging. This, combined with the Blessed CBD website saying ‘1000mg CBD Oil Drops’, has the appearance of being deliberately misleading. Personally, I would expect an oil labelled like this to contain 1000mg of CBD.

In addition, there are a few more points that need addressing:

  • Blessed CBD refers to their third-party analysis as ‘rigorous testing’, but only include a breakdown of the cannabinoid content. To be described as ‘rigorous’ I would expect to see a cannabinoid profile, a terpene profile and screening for contaminants. The certificates provided by Eir Health are a great example of what you can expect when this entire range of testing is carried out.
  • The amount of THC is recorded as 0.06% Δ9-THC and 0.04 THCA. This doesn’t quite fall within the UK legal limit of 1mg per container . However, Blessed CBD refers to a limit of 0.2%. This is a common misconception that doesn’t apply to the finished product but is a classification for permitted strains of hemp that can be grown in the UK.
  • There are several mentions of the hemp used in these oils being farmed organically. The implication of ‘farmed organically’ is that the product is organic hemp, so it would be good to be able to access the relevant certificates. These are usually issued following a detailed inspection of the farm premises.

Blessed CBD 1000mg Oil Review

The oil is contained in a standard, no-frills glass bottle. It appears to be well made and held the oil securely throughout the two weeks I used it. There is a seal to be broken on your first use, but I generally feel that bottles of CBD should always have a child-safe cap. This improves safety and can prevent even the sneakiest of leaks.

The bulb tipped dropper makes it easy to apply the oil in separate drops. Still, with the numerous other options out there the dropper feels like a basic choice. Placing drops under your tongue is often more luck than judgement so a measurement marker or even a spray cap would improve the delivery.

When it comes to deciding how much to use and how to apply it, Blessed CBD provides detailed instruction which I found very useful. There is a simple outline of how to place the drops under your tongue on the bottle label. In the accompanying booklet, you will find an extraordinarily detailed guide on how to work out the correct measure for you. It includes a handy table which plots your weight against the severity of any symptoms you might be suffering from.

Despite the potential to upgrade the method of delivery, Blessed CBD 1000mg is straightforward to use and comes with lots of useful supporting information.

Blessed CBD 1000mg – Taste

The moment you taste this oil, you will be in no doubt of its potency and full-spectrum credentials. It’s thick, nutty and so bitter that it almost tastes sharp. When you hold it under your tongue, the flavour is milder, so it is possible to hold it there for the recommended 60 seconds. However, you may want to follow it up with some sips of water or something tasty to take away any remaining aftertaste which I found quite bitter.

The whole-plant extract is suspended in hemp seed oil. This makes it a translucent, light green-brown oil with a smooth texture. Despite its intensity, it can be taken without too much problem. If you prefer milder flavour oils which have been filtered like Bud & Tender or Cibdol, then this isn’t the one for you.

Potency/ Effectiveness

This is where Blessed CBD 1000mg stands out. It is an incredibly potent oil, and whenever I took it, I felt an almost immediate sense of body relaxation. Over an extended period, it effectively removed my tension headaches and gave me several great nights of sleep.

The effect reminded me of the 4% oil by BioBloom, only a good deal stronger as you would expect from a an oil containing 9.5% CBD and CBDA. When you take an oil like this, it is easy to see why full-spectrum, whole-plant oils are so sought after.

Value for Money

The price of 10mls holding 7.3% of CBD and 2.5% CBDA is £74.95. This places it the premium end of the market. It is slightly cheaper than Bud & Tender’s filtered 1000mg oil which costs £80 and is considerably more expensive than the 8% BioBloom oil which can be found at £59.90.

For the money, you get a full range of cannabinoids in thick, bitter oil. The quality of the raw hemp and the gold-standard extraction method goes some way to making it worth the money.

It is the potent effect that really makes the difference. Only whole-plant oils can deliver this kind of effect. If you don’t mind hempy-tasting CBD oil and want something with extra power, then this will be worth every penny.

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Blessed CBD 1000mg Oil Review Blessed CBD aims to close the quality gap between US oils and those available in the UK. Made exclusively for the UK, their small range of premium products includes

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