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benefits of cbd and thc together

Does CBD Counteract THC’s Psychoactive Effect?

THC and CBD are the two most common cannabinoids, and they share a nuanced and special relationship. Read on to discover if CBD helps to minimise the negative effects of THC, and find out which CBD:THC ratio is best for you.

Can CBD tame THC’s psychoactive effect?


The cannabis plant produces hundreds of different phytochemicals belonging to several families—cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and others. Among these, the cannabinoids THC and CBD stand out as the most sought-after chemicals.

All these cannabis constituents have their own purposes, but their effects tend to be more profound when combined. This chemical synergy is known as the entourage effect. According to this theory, not only do cannabinoids like THC and CBD synergise, but terpenes and other compounds as well. When it comes to our star cannabinoids, can CBD counteract or tame the psychoactive effect of THC? Find out below.


CBD and THC are the two most common cannabinoids encountered in modern cultivars. Although both produce beneficial effects, they feature a stark difference—THC is psychoactive, whereas CBD is not.

THC underpins the high produced by the cannabis plant. The molecule induces the often euphoric, enjoyable, and relaxing effects associated with smoking, eating, or vaping cannabis. However, THC can also pack some undesirable effects, giving rise to paranoia and even panic in inexperienced or unprepared users.

The secret behind these effects? THC binds to CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system like a key fits into a lock. These sites exist throughout the central nervous system; once activated, a series of chemical changes occur that give rise to an altered state of consciousness.

Researchers are just beginning to understand how CBD works in the body. Like THC, CBD also interacts with the endocannabinoid system. However, it does so in a different manner. The molecule doesn’t bind to cannabinoid receptors with much affinity. The fact that it doesn’t latch onto the CB1 receptor explains why CBD doesn’t produce a psychoactive effect.

Instead, CBD raises levels of endocannabinoids—including anandamide (often dubbed the “bliss molecule”)—that bind to native cannabinoid receptors. CBD also targets serotonin, TRPV1, GPR55, and PPAR receptors to produce its effects.

Through these pathways, researchers have found CBD to produce various outcomes. The cannabinoid appears to help individuals when they are feeling nervous and pressured [1] , and it may help soothe sensitive skin [2] and ease sore muscles [3] .



Combining CBD and THC offers myriad benefits. Not only will it help tame the high, but the two cannabinoids appear to work better side by side. One of the easiest ways to consume both molecules at the same time is with a good old fashioned smoke. Select a strain that features equal parts THC and CBD and fire it up. These varieties provide enough THC to kickstart your CB1 receptors alongside adequate levels of CBD to stave off any adverse effects.

If you find you’re extra-sensitive to THC, try a CBD-rich strain with much lower levels of THC. You’ll still experience the effects of both cannabinoids, just with less of a high.

You can also try combining CBD oils with smoking and vaping. Inhale some THC-rich weed and keep a bottle of CBD oil nearby to modulate the high as you go. If the effects become too much, place a few drops under the tongue and wait for it to be absorbed.

Likewise, take several drops before your smoke to buffer against the psychoactive effects before they take hold. Taking CBD in this manner will enable you to dose accurately and readily.

CBD and THC each have powerful potential of their own, but what happens when you combine them? Can CBD tame THC's psychoactive effect? Find out inside!

The Benefits of CBD and THC Together

  • A Short Explanation Of The Entourage Effect
  • What Are The Facts Around CBD & THC Together?
  • What Is The Best CBD & THC Product?
  • Conclusion: Are The Benefits Of CBD and THC Together Positive?

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the most popular cannabis compounds used for both medicinal and recreational use.

When going to a doctor for medicinal cannabis, the will prescribe you either CBD, THC or CBD and THC together in the forms of oils, wafers, pills, etc.

Mixing both CBD and THC gives patients “the entourage effect”.

The Entourage Effect is the feeling and medicinal benefits patients get when multiple cannabis components works together. Research shows that the Entourage Effect from patients having CBD and THC together produces better medicinal benefits.

So what are the overall benefits of taking CBD and THC together, rather than taking them alone?

Table of Contents.

A Short Explanation Of The Entourage Effect

Each compound in the cannabis plant, including CBD and THC, has a different effect on the body.

Combining multiple cannabis compounds gives a different effect on the body and the mind, and the most popular of these combinations is CBD and THC.

Official research has shown that cancer patients taking both THC and CBD reported having less pain.

Similar studies across the world has shown that there are increased medicinal benefits for patients taking both CBD and THC together, rather than taking either of these alone.

What Are The Facts Around CBD & THC Together?

The effects of CBD and THC

We try to avoid anecdotal evidence when it comes to cannabis topics, so we will stick to the facts when it comes to the effects of CBD & THC together.

The British Journal has conducted studies around the medicinal therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC.

The results of these studies found that the combination of CBD and THC gave increased therapeutic benefits that includes:

  • pain relief
  • anxiety relief
  • anti-inflammation
  • epilepsy and muscle spasms
  • cancer related symptoms

Patients were reported saying that taking CBD and THC together for medicinal use, is that it reduces some unwanted effects of THC that include:

  • anxiety
  • increased hunger
  • fatigue
  • sedation effects

Overall, it appears that patients are able to receive the full benefits of THC while reducing the side-effects because of CBD.

What Is The Best CBD & THC Product?

As we have discussed above, the effects of CBD and THC provides increased therapeutic effects, but what type of CBD & THC medicine is the best for patients?

The effects of medicinal cannabis is different for everybody, so doctors work with you to find the perfect CBD and THC ratio.

A person with chronic back pain may require more CBD than THC, and a person with epilepsy may require a high ratio of THC together with CBD.

So what is the best CBD and THC combination for medicinal and therapeutic use?

This will be answered by your GP and medicinal cannabis doctor after reviewing your medical condition and health history. There is no “one size fits all” answer when it comes to taking CBD and THC together.

Conclusion: Are The Benefits Of CBD and THC Together Positive?

CBD and THC together is used to increase medicinal cannabis’ therapeutic effects on the body.

CBD and THC have their own unique benefits and side-effects for medicinal benefits.

Taken alone, both CBD and THC may have unique and isolated effects, but when taken together, research shows that the negative side-effects of THC is reduced greatly.

Clinic studies and research shows that the combined effects of taking CBD and THC together reduces pain and cancer related symptoms.

The overall understanding of medicinal cannabis, CBD and THC and their effects on the human body is in its infancy.

Your local doctor or GP is able to work with you to find the perfect ratio of CBD and THC together that will suit your medical condition.

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