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cbd oil and afib

Cannabis Oil and atrial fib: Has anyone on. – AF Association

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Cannabis Oil and atrial fib

Has anyone on here taken Cannabis oil. I have read reports in the media that certain people have taken the recommended pharmaceutical dose that has reduced AF attacks

I take CBD oil of a stronger strength from the Netherlands for pain relief..

It could possibly also have a beneficial effect on the heart and circulatory system .I am not aware of any contra indications and neither is my GP.

I was interested to hear that. Silly question perhaps but does it work? I’m suffering widespread arthritic pain. As I understand it there is a contra indication because most AF sufferers take an anticoagulant and it seems cannabis oil also acts as an anticoagulant. Because of that I haven’t dared to try it. My daughter has, she also has arthritis, and she wasn’t convinced it was beneficial, so I would be interested to hear your experience. Best wishes, Tricia

Tricia.I will PM later today about my thought/ experience re CBD oil..

Me also hasn’t affected my arrhythmia s seems much fewer since I introduced magnesium as for the cbd oil I take it and rub it in

Just seen your post caromia. are you taking any anticoagulants ?

I’m on warfarin ( self test so I can observe quickly) and recently bought 5% cbd oil from h&b to see if it would help with intermittent very painful arthritis in knee. Assistant was unable to advise suitability. Reluctant to use but gave it a go yesterday as CoCodamol not doing much. Pleased to report I felt relief very quickly. I shall ask warfarin clinic when I email my latest readings this week but would be interested to hear your opinions.

P.S. just realised I had best nights sleep last night for ages !

Sandra, I’always wondering whether to try cbd oil. Would you please let me know how you get on with it. Many thanks.

I have been taking 4℅ CBD oil for 3 days and have had good results with pain relief and a good nights sleep. I currently take Warfain for AFib but haven’t noticed any reduction in the Afib attacks but I am determined to try it for a month. I will report back with any changes to my health

Good morning Sandra,

I am not anticoagulated following stomach bleed and other morbilities.

As you will know at this present time it is illegal to grow Cannabis is England.

The type of oil sold in H&B I understand is not made from cannabis oil but Hemp seed. So although may be 5% is not on the same therapeutic range as say 4% that comes from Holland which is derived from the Cannabis plant..

Before I researched I bought from H&B but found it to be a waste of money and offered no relief from pain.

A friend sends it from Holland ..suppliers details are.

I have moved location recently and my previous Dr.was very forward thinking and told me he hoped it wouldn’t be long before it would be on prescription here in the UK for Chronic pain relief.

I havnt approached my new Dr.with this request as l thought it best if he gets to know me first!

Hope this helps..

Thank you for your reply Carol. Very helpful. I shall continue with my cbd oil, carefully. dont want to make anything worse. and see how things go. is a good quality supplier and reasonably priced.

Do you have any links to the media information, or to any scientific research? My understanding is that cannabis use by smoking can actually cause heart problems. but I’m intrigued by other methods if they have been researched.

I tried it and after 3 drops under my tongue I woke up in AF through the night and wont take it again in case it started the AF.

Hi I have Rheumatoid Disease so tried the drops under the tongue for pain relief- no difference for me!

I also have AF taking usual medication for this, didn’t affect meat all !

I was looking for something to help me sleep but that seems to be pot with THC. It helps with sleep but also gets you stoned, makes you hungry and stupid.

I found this link interesting:

It is stating THC causes rapid HR for about 3 hrs while CBD has little side effects.

I know you can buy products that have been breed to have mostly one or the other or both.

But it seems the sleep inducing fun one (THC) may be a no go for me. Anything that warns about rapid HR is off my list as I am not interested in triggering AFib.

I have read a lot about pot causing Afib but I wonder what was in it? I am going to guess a lot of THC

I have afib that converted to nsr with dofetilide ( Tikosyn), I have been smoking cannabis along with taking thc/cbd orally for years. I do not find that this affects my heart rate or afib. I have tried pure cbd oil and did not get any positive effects in regard to sleep or pain with this. Just my personal experience, Don’t know what aany controled studies show.Best wishes.

It isn’t legal in the state of Texas . l was just reading something about it and side effects. I wouldn’t get near the stuff. Be careful, be very careful.

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24 hours. After an episode, I generally wont have an attack for another 3 months. During an Afib.

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be able to connect with other people that have the same condition…

I have had this for about 16.

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Have had 3 ablations to no avail. Am now on 100 mg flecainide twice daily. Dr. has had me stop the.

Has anyone on here taken Cannabis oil. I have read reports in the media that certain people have taken the recommended pharmaceutical dose that has reduced AF attacks

Marijuana and AFib

Wondering if marijuana might have a soothing effect on your atrial fibrillation? Studies show that medical marijuana can help with symptoms of some conditions like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and HIV/AIDS.

But for atrial fibrillation, the effects are more of a mixed bag.

A Bit of Good, More Bad

“It really depends on what you use it for,” says Uma Srivatsa, MD, clinical professor of medicine at UC Davis Health. “If you use it to relieve pain, there may be a benefit because pain can trigger AFib.”

On the other hand, she says, low levels of marijuana turn on your “fight or flight,” or stress response. This means there’s a higher chance that your racing, irregular heartbeat will get worse. In fact, marijuana can raise your heart rate for up to 3 hours after you use it. It also makes stroke and heart disease more likely. That’s significant because if you have AFib, your chance of a stroke is already five times higher than someone who doesn’t have it.


Marijuana also relaxes your blood vessels, which lowers your blood pressure. Srivatsa says this can kick off a response from your heart that’s bad news for AFib. When your blood pressure goes down, your heart rate can go up. This is especially true in older people who have other heart problems.

Another tricky piece of the puzzle is how much marijuana is OK to take.

“It’s important to understand that we have legalized marijuana without knowing dose effects,” Srivatsa says. “For instance, we know what a legal blood alcohol level is. But we don’t know what the вЂ˜legal limit’ is for marijuana.

“How do we determine what makes you high vs. calm?”

Olujimi A. Ajijola, MD, PhD, a cardiologist at UCLA Health in Los Angeles, says the overwhelming effect of marijuana on your heart is harmful.

“We advise against it from a cardiovascular standpoint, in general,” he says. “I would definitely caution against people with AFib using it.”

What the Studies Show

Most of the research linking marijuana to heart problems like heart attack and stroke is based on people who smoke it. Smoke has cancer-causing agents and other irritants that make it harmful.


There aren’t as many studies yet on the heart effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD), two of the active ingredients in marijuana. Ajijola says that’s likely part of the reason why there aren’t any official guidelines on marijuana use from American College of Cardiology or the American Heart Association yet.

But he’s pretty sure they’re coming.

“Inevitably, people will study this,” Ajijola says. “I think guidelines won’t come out until there’s enough data to suggest one way or another, or enough people ask that the society make a statement.”

One thing he says is clear, though, is that smoking — of any kind — is harmful to heart health.

“Any sort of smoking includes risk factors for cardiovascular disease,” Ajijola says. “Smoking marijuana carries many of the same cardiovascular health hazards as smoking tobacco.”


One recent study seemed to suggest that marijuana might actually lower your risk of AFib. But Srivatsa

says it’s important to look more closely at the people in the study and how the researchers found their results. “I don’t think we can generalize this study to all populations,” she says.

“It’s a very specific study looking at people who have just suffered a heart attack in the hospital,” he says. “The marijuana users were younger, mostly male, and they didn’t have the usual risk factors that caused people to have heart attacks.”

They fared better after their heart attacks, but Ajijola says that’s likely because they had fewer risk factors for heart problems in the first place.

“I think the marijuana use is just helping identify with lower risk factors and people who are younger.”


Olujimi A. Ajijola, MD, PhD, cardiologist, UCLA Health, Los Angeles.

Uma Srivatsa, MD, MAS, clinical professor, division of cardiovascular medicine, UC Davis Health.

Mayo Clinic: “Medical Marijuana.”

National Institute on Drug Abuse: “What is Marijuana?”

CDC: “Marijuana: How Can It Affect Your Health?”

American Heart Association: “High Blood Pressure, Afib and Your Risk of Stroke.”

Harvard Health: “Marijuana and heart health: What you need to know.”

Heart Rhythm Society: “New Study Suggests Marijuana Use Does Not Increase Risk of Heart Arrhythmias, Instead May Reduce Risk of AFib.”

Is marijuana safe when you have AFib? Find out what the experts say.