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When is the Best Time to Take CBD?

Here, on the frontlines of the CBD movement, we get asked this question all the time. Since CBD affects everyone differently, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Instead, let’s look at the main factors to consider when determining what time of day is best for you.

3 key factors that help determine when to take CBD

  1. Reasons for taking CBD
  2. Dosage
  3. Type of CBD product

Listen to Your Body

Before we explore these main factors, the recurring theme here is to listen to your body. What gets one person to sleep may help another maintain energy throughout the day. Why are there such massive discrepancies with the effects of CBD? Well, it’s complicated .

The Human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) regulates many physical processes including pain, memory, mood, appetite, stress, sleep, metabolism, immune function, and reproductive function. CBD acts upon the ECS on a molecular level. Given the complexity of this regulatory system, the potential effect that CBD can have on these processes is totally unique. When beginning your journey with CBD, choose a time of day when you can safely experiment.

For example, if you decide to try CBD for improving sleep, logic would dictate that taking it before bedtime would be most effective. However, some people may feel stimulated when they are trying to catch some z’s . To complicate matters even more, it is possible that when taking CBD in the morning it has a different effect than in the evening. All this leads back to the idea that you want to create enough space to safely experiment. For most of us, that often means the early evening when we are done with the demands of the workplace, and still hours before bedtime. Doing so should safeguard against any potential disruptions to your daily/nightly rhythms. After sufficient time, you will gain more insight into how CBD interacts with your body, and this will ultimately lead to an intake schedule that works best for you.

1. Reasons for taking CBD

People are using CBD for a variety of reasons. Stories range from treating specific symptoms like seizures and acne, to regulating moods, appetite, and more. What time of day you take CBD should largely be based on the reasons you are taking it in the first place. Back to our sleep example. Some of our customers simply take their daily dose before bed, while others take it during the day and find that having it in their system throughout the day helps improve their sleep behavior at night.

Food for thought: my acupuncturist prescribed Chinese herbs for me (they taste gross!) and said, “the best way to take these herbs is to take them.” Meaning, that despite their rancid taste and elaborate boiling protocol, I needed to take them. Similarly, despite our tincture’s great flavor, all the nuances we are discussing here are secondary to the main point: keep taking CBD!

2. Dosage

CBD products often include a serving size or daily dose suggestion. However, here too it is important to experiment and find what works best for you. For instance, we recommend starting with 1ml of our regular strength tincture per day, and for some of our customers, this feels right.

Get Creative / mix it up:

  1. Split the recommended dosage: taking .5ml in the morning and .5ml in the evening allows the effects to be more evenly spread out through the day.
  2. Double the dose: for some, taking 1ml in the morning and another in the evening provides relief beyond the recommended dose.

For whom the bell curves?

For thee, of course! CBD has been shown to have a bell curve in regards to its effectiveness. This means that as you take more, its effectiveness will ramp up to a maximum efficiency rate before beginning to fall off as you reach saturation levels, resulting in wasted product. Think about your ECS as a gas tank. When you are pumping gas, eventually the pump will click off once the tank is full. You can try to keep squeezing the handle to put more in, but no more will fit. Once your tank is full, you need to put some miles in before it’s necessary to refuel.

Once you know how you react to CBD, play with dosage amounts and times. Think about when you need relief, and plan timing around that.

3. Product Choice

The type of product you are using is a strong consideration when deciding what time you should use CBD. Products like CBD Capsules will have more of a slow, gradual effect since they must be processed through your digestive system. Conversely, a CBD vape will have more immediate effects as vaporizing is one of the most bioavailable ways to consume CBD. Let’s look at the different ingestion methods and how to think ahead for timing your dose.

CBD Capsules
Think about what you are up against, and how a slow fuse product will interact with it. Do you have anxiety during daytime hours? You will probably want to take CBD capsules in the morning so they can slowly begin working as you go about your day. Do you have trouble sleeping through the night? You will want to take CBD Capsules before dinner, so your body has time to process them before bed.

CBD Softgels

Full Spectrum Hemp Softgels

CBD Tincture

Original CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture
Often called CBD Oil, tincture is taken sublingually and absorbed into glands under your tongue. This will yield a faster result since the tincture will enter your bloodstream more directly than swallowing. Because tincture takes time to work its way through your system, it is much easier to dial in for timing. We recommend 1ml of tincture per day to start with. Most consumers choose to take their daily dose of tincture in the morning so they have CBD pumping through their veins throughout the day. If you find that any results you are experiencing wear off quickly, you may want to double up and take a dose in the evening as well.

What time of day to take CBD varies from person to person, but keep these factors in mind if you’re just getting started with CBD.

CBD at Night vs. Morning

If you’ve begun incorporating CBD into your daily wellness routine, you may have wondered: “What’s the best time of day to take CBD?” “Is first thing in the morning best or right before lights out?” While the best time of day to take CBD is not an exact science, there are ways to figure out what timing your body will respond to best as well as some guidelines depending on what you want to achieve.

If you’ve begun incorporating CBD into your daily wellness routine, you may have wondered: “What’s the best time of day to take CBD?” “Is first thing in the morning best or right before lights out?” While the best time of day to take CBD is not an exact science, there are ways to figure out what timing your body will respond to best as well as some guidelines depending on what you want to achieve:

Take CBD in the Morning to:

Start your day with clarity

You know those mornings where “brain fog” is harder to shift than usual? While CBD is not going to give you a quick jolt (save that for your morning coffee!), CBD helps to promote a healthy state of balance in the mind. We also decided to pair the CBD in our Calm & Centered Cream with bergamot (mood elevating) and lavender oil (promotes a sense of peace and clarity) for an added lift!

Help you cope with challenging moments

We can’t always know what life will throw at us, so taking CBD in the morning puts you ahead of the game. CBD engages with cannabinoid receptors in the brain to facilitate relaxation, plus we incorporate co-ingredients like Ashwagandha and Holy Basil which support healthy moods and a healthy response to moments of unease.

Hit the ground running

It’s not just our minds that need a kickstart first thing, after a night of stillness our bodies can feel a bit stiff. Sagely Naturals CBD + Turmeric capsules may help refresh and revive the body leaving you feeling more comfortable and ready to live your fullest life.

Kickstart your morning workout right

If you exercise in the morning, consider throwing CBD cream or CBD spray into your gym bag. Use it before your workout to stimulate and warm up your muscles and/or post-workout to rejuvenate and revive your body after a tough sweat session.

Take CBD at Night-Time to:

Wind down after a hectic day

If you’re looking for a way to relax your mind and body after a big day, CBD is a great choice in the evening. Paired with essential oils like Geranium, Lavender, Rose, and Roman Chamomile help calm the mind and ease nervous energy.

Wake up feeling refreshed

In addition to CBD, we incorporate melatonin into our Drift & Dream CBD Capsules to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next morning.

Close all the “open tabs” of your mind

Collapsing onto the couch or into bed does little to help your wired mind and body shut down. CBD can help inspire feelings of tranquility and relaxation by helping you find your “off” switch and prepare your body and mind to retire for the evening with an empty mind, not a full one.

Figuring out when to take CBD can take some trial and error and often depends on what you’re dealing with day-to-day. But whether you want to elevate your mood, promote positive energy, or elevate your workout efficiency, CBD is a versatile partner to support a healthy mind and body day and night.

Should I use CBD at night or in the morning? Learn when your body may respond to CBD best, as well as some guidelines based on what you want to achieve.