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CBD for Sex: Why CBD Oil Should Have a Place in Every Bedroom

For years, we’ve been boasting about the many physical and mental health benefits of CBD. From stress and anxiety-relief to muscle relaxation, you’re probably familiar with the basics by now. We’re here to talk about something different today… CBD for sex! As it turns out, on top of everything else, cannabidiol could work wonders in the bedroom. Let’s get a little more intimate with the potential benefits of CBD for sex.

Does CBD Oil Improve Libido?

There’s tons of research in the works right now that might provide us with better answers when it comes to CBD oil and the libido in the near future. Here are some of the latest theories about CBD’s effect on sex drive:

Less Stress, More Sex
High levels of the stress hormone, known as Cortisol, have been proven to lower your sex drive and get in the way of intimate activities. CBD oil’s magical ability to make stress melt away can have a positive impact in the bedroom by dropping Cortisol levels and helping you relax before the act. For many, anxiety and stress tend to play a role in sex; CBD can help ease some of that stage fright, getting rid of any mental blocks potentially getting in the way.

The Science of CBD for Sex
Extensive studies have shown a close relationship between CBD and the ECS (Endocannabinoid System). We won’t get into the nitty gritty of this super complex network, but one of its functions is to regulate hormone health. Essentially, we have ECS receptors throughout our bodies (including our sexual organs) that CBD binds to. This bind helps balance hormones, which ultimately leads to an increased libido.

While were on the topic of sex science, CBD also works by increasing our body’s production of a chemical called anandamide, which helps release Oxytocin aka the “love hormone.” These elevated levels tend to have a positive effect on all social interactions, including sexual encounters.

Pain-Free with CBD Unfortunately for many, including up to 40% of women, painful sex can ultimately be an issue in the bedroom. Another awesome benefit of CBD, is its pain-relieving properties. A recent study, which surveyed 5,398 Americans and focused on 502, found that “26% use CBD to alleviate pain and soreness after sex. Of those, 39% found CBD “moderately to very” effective, 59% found it “slightly to somewhat” effective, and only 2% found it non-effective.” Turns out, the pain-relief, coupled with increased blood flow and more relaxed muscles, has proven to be a pretty great combo for improving sexual activities.

How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

It’s estimated that some 30 million men in America suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. While we’re not exactly sure what CBD oil does for ED (scientists think it has to do with lowered stress and increased blood flow), some men have sworn it leads to longer-lasting sex and erm… an upward trend in alleviating ED. For those wondering, there’s no specific way to use CBD oil for Erectile Dysfunction; a couple of drops beneath the tongue, 30-40 minutes in advance, should do the trick. As with anything, there can be too much of a good thing. Some studies have shown that chronic use of CBD could actually lower sex drive, whereas intermittent use could give it a much-needed boost.

CBD as a Lubricant

Can you use CBD as a lube? Absolutely! An added benefit of CBD for sex is that it can act as a lubricant between the sheets. Not only is it an all-natural alternative to chemical-based lubes, but CBD also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, which could make sex more comfortable for both parties. There’s no such thing as the “best CBD oil for the libido,” so feel free to use any Fusion CBD oil on its own or try adding a couple of drops to your favorite lube.

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As it turns out, CBD oil could work wonders in the bedroom. Let’s get a little more intimate with the long list of potential benefits of CBD for sex.

CBD Oil and Sex: A Surprising Connection

Healthy sex life can be a cause for happiness and satisfaction in a relationship. When a situation arises when the experience is no longer pleasurable, the result is dissatisfaction.

With that in mind, CBD can be one solution to this problem, helping improve sex drive. The concept of using cannabidiol for this issue is relatively new but is proving effective in many ways.

For example, using CBD for sex can help partners relax and experience a reduction in pain. And with that in mind, the best place to start researching CBD for sex is understanding what CBD is.

Understanding Cannabidiol and How it Helps Improve Sex

What is cannabidiol, and how can it help improve sex drive? That’s the question that rings in most people’s minds when they learn about CBD for sex.

For starters, cannabidiol is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. It’s one of two commonly known compounds, the other being THC. The reason why cannabidiol remains a favorite of many is its lack of psychoactive properties.

CBD is growing in popularity among many users who seek ways to alleviate ailments that plague them.

By using CBD for sex, a couple can benefit in many ways.

Benefits of Using CBD for Sex

After grasping what cannabidiol is, learning of the benefits it brings is essential.

There are numerous products available that can help partners gain satisfaction thanks to numerous CBD benefits.

For this reason, people turn to cannabidiol products such as the CBD Centrals to boost their sexual experiences.

These benefits include:

Lack of Pain

What is a healthy sex life? Healthy sex life is getting intimate with another without experiencing pain. For some people, the thought of having sex sends them running due to the immense pain they experience. By using cannabidiol, they benefit from pain relief and can get intimate with ease.

Relief from Anxiety

Intimacy calls for the utmost relaxation and openness with each other. If one person is anxious, then it can be an uncomfortable and dissatisfying experience. Taking cannabidiol products can help a couple relax and enjoy the moment.

An Increase in Pleasure

When anxiety and pain are a thing of the past, pleasure is easy to experience. An increase in pleasure helps by improving sex drive and making the moment more intimate.

Energy Booster

Sex consumes a lot of energy, and one after-effect is feeling completely worn out. Anyone who experiences this can use cannabidiol to boost energy levels. This means after sex, a person still has the strength to move or perform other tasks.

Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects millions of men across the world. What it means is poor or lack of erection during sex. A man who can’t get or maintain an erection can suffer from low self-esteem, hence the need to use CBD for sex.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why CBD for sex is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, it’s best to know when to take CBD for sex, which is mostly a little while before getting intimate.

This means by the time people get intimate, their body is experiencing the
effects. Additionally, there are numerous cannabidiol products to choose from. It all boils done to personal preferences and how effective each is.

Types of cannabidiol products available today include:

  • Oils and tinctures
  • Oral sprays
  • Balm
  • Massage oil
  • Drinks like our teas
  • Edibles like our honey

All these are effective, even though many people prefer using cannabidiol. These come in varying concentrations, which determines the rate of the effect.

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For some people, the question remains, is CBD oil safe for daily consumption?

Is CBD Oil Safe for Daily Use?

Yes, cannabidiol is safe to use daily. That being said, it’s essential to consult a health physician when it comes to matters of CBD dosage. Different oils have varying concentrations of CBD, which determine how fast or slow each takes effect.

What’s more, for some people, the cannabidiol may have a psychoactive effect. No one knows why this happens, and it’s better to test a product first before using it every day.

CBD for sex is an effective way to spice things up and improve sexual experiences. When cannabidiol is used before sex, intimacy rises.

Final Thought

Learning how to use CBD oil can help make sexual experiences better by reducing pain, anxiety, and stress. With that, the sexual experience becomes memorable and full of pleasure for those involved.

Leave any questions or comment below, and we will get back to you.

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Cbd and sex drive: Sex in a relationship is one of the essential ways to connect. This is why low sex drive can cause it to fracture.