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diamond cbd oil reviews

Diamond CBD Review

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Diamond CBD offers one of the largest product line ups in the CBD industry, including CBD gummies, oils, capsules, creams, and vapes, as well as bath and pet products. This company truly shines when it comes to new product research and development. And with a wide range of potencies, flavors, and strengths, Diamond CBD has something for everyone.

Highlights We recommend Diamond CBD for:
An incredibly broad selection of CBD oils, edibles, creams, vapes, pet products, and more Those looking for a one-stop CBD shop
Full-spectrum and THC-free products available Pet owners
Third-party lab tested Anyone looking to try CBD for general wellness or for relief from a chronic health issue
Made in America People that enjoy flavored CBD oil and edibles
Non-GMO hemp sourced from Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia
Frequent sales and promotions

Diamond CBD Company History

Founded in 2015 by Kevin Hagen, Diamond CBD is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They are owned by the parent company PotNetwork Holdings, a holding company focused on the booming cannabis industry. PotNetwork, which is also based in Fort Lauderdale, is a global cannabis industry leader dedicated to the research, development, and marketing of premium, natural hemp extracts.

The creation of Diamond CBD was done with the intention of developing a diverse line of high-quality hemp extracts. Hemp naturally contains a broad profile of non-intoxicating cannabinoids and other natural molecules like terpenes that offer a wide range of benefits. From the time of its founding, Diamond CBD’s goal has been to make high-quality hemp accessible to people around the world.

Founded in the early days of the CBD boom, Diamond CBD has been at the forefront of the industry, pioneering new and unique products. The Diamond CBD team includes medical professionals and scientists who are dedicated to producing the purest CBD products while never compromising on quality. The company now offers dozens of products that are sold in more than 10,000 stores across the United States.

Hemp Farming and Sourcing Practices

Diamond CBD oversees every step of their production process, from farming to manufacturing and distribution. They source their non-GMO hemp from partnering farms located in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia. Plants are manually selected and then gently harvested and dried to preserve high levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other naturally beneficial plant compounds.

Quality testing begins with the raw materials to ensure all Diamond CBD products meet a certain standard. Then the company uses supercritical CO2 extraction to create the CBD-rich hemp extract used in every product.

Extracts may be further processed depending on their destination. Diamond CBD offers several different types of CBD extract including full-spectrum and CBD isolate. Lastly, each batch of extract is lab-tested to ensure every product is safe and consistent.

Diamond CBD Product Selection

Diamond CBD offers one of the widest selections of CBD and hemp-based products. Their product selection includes CBD oils, edibles, creams, bath and body products, drinks, capsules, pet products, and vape oils.

Diamond CBD also offers three different types of CBD: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

  • Full-spectrumCBD contains CBD along with all of the natural compounds including terpenes found in the hemp plant. This type of CBD also contains low levels of THC (less than 0.3%) but is not intoxicating.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD also contains CBD and other beneficial hemp compounds, but an extra step in the extraction process removes trace levels of THC. As a result, broad-spectrum CBD products are completely THC-free.
  • CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It contains over 99% CBD and is also completely THC-free.
Available Concentrations Cost per mg
Tincture Oils Range from 25 mg (30ml) to 3500 mg (30ml) $0.12 to $0.80 per mg
Creams Range from 250 mg (4oz) to 1500 mg (4oz) $0.13 to $0.20 per mg
Gummies and Edibles Range from 5.5 mg to 30 mg per serving $0.13 to $0.40 per mg
Capsules 10 mg per capsule $0.10 to $0.16 per mg
Vape Oils Ranges from 42 mg (1ml) to 670 mg (16ml) $0.21 to $0.42 per mg
Drinks Ranges from 20 mg (60ml) to 1600 mg (1000ml) $0.15 to $0.65 per mg
Bath Products Ranges from 100 mg to 1000 mg per container $0.15 to $0.20 per mg
Pet Products CBD pet oil: Ranges from 25 mg (30ml) to 550 mg (30 ml)
CBD pet treats: 3 mg to 10 mg per treat
CBD pet spray: 100 mg (30ml)
$0.16 to $0.80 per mg
$0.39 per mg
$0.50 per mg

CBD Oils

Diamond CBD offers an incredibly broad selection of CBD oil tinctures. With potency options from 25 mg all the way up to 3500 mg, there’s something for everyone no matter your experience level or need.

The flavor options are even more plentiful. Here are just some of the flavors that Diamond CBD offers for its CBD oil:

  • Cherry
  • Cheesecake
  • Caramel
  • Cappuccino
  • Coconut
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Lemon Lime
  • Peach
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peppermint

And that’s just a fraction of the available flavors. Additionally, unflavored options are available if you prefer the natural taste of hemp extract.

Diamond CBD also offers CBD oil that’s infused with specially formulated terpene blends. These options contain unique blends of terpenes intended to mimic the taste and smell of popular cannabis strains such as Northern Lights and Sour Diesel.

Diamond CBD oils are formulated with simple ingredients. Their unflavored CBD oils are made with just full-spectrum hemp cannabidiol (CBD), MCT Oil, and fractionated coconut oil. Diamond CBD also offers CBD oil made with hemp seed or olive oil. However, their flavored options contain a few more additives including vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and artificial flavors.

Most of the company’s CBD oil offerings consist of full-spectrum hemp extract. But they also offer CBD oil made from CBD isolate which is completely THC-free.

CBD Creams

Diamond CBD creams are infused with natural, full-spectrum, CBD-rich hemp extract. The company offers an expansive collection of CBD creams to suit a wide range of tastes. From 250 mg (62.5 mg per oz) up to 1500 mg (375 mg per oz), you’ll be able to find the strength that’s right for you.

Diamond CBD Creams are designed to be applied directly to the skin to bring relief and a soothing sensation to the area of application. Unlike ingestible forms of CBD like CBD oil and edibles, CBD creams are not absorbed into the bloodstream but instead absorb directly into the skin, providing fast-acting and targeted relief.

Diamond CBD Creams feature pleasant, natural scents from ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera. And every formulation comes with unique attributes. For example, Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream contains menthol to soothe aching joints and muscles. And Diamond CBD Green Tea Butter Cream is packed with moisturizing jojoba oil, organic shea butter, and mango seed butter.

CBD Gummies and Edibles

Diamond CBD has a comprehensive collection of CBD edibles including gummies, cake pops, dried fruits, honey, honey sticks, popcorn, chocolates, and candied nuts. The classic and most popular choice when it comes to CBD edibles is typically CBD gummies. Diamond CBD gummies come in almost every shape and flavor imaginable, from gummy bears to gummy worms in flavors that include watermelon, cherry, and sour. The company also provides a wide range of potencies, ranging from 5.5 mg to 30 mg per serving.

Many people prefer CBD edibles because they enjoy the taste more than CBD oil tinctures and they last longer than CBD vapes. CBD gummies may be the gold standard for CBD edibles, but if you’re looking for a more adventurous edible experience, Diamond CBD has several other CBD edibles to choose from. This includes interesting and unique options like dried fruit, popcorn, cake pops, and nut mixes.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are one of the most convenient ways to add CBD to your daily wellness routine. Similar to other health supplements like fish oil that come in capsule form, CBD capsules are simple to dose and easy to take with you on the go.

Each Diamond CBD capsule contains 10mg of CBD per capsule. Diamond CBD uses concentrated CBD isolate in its CBD capsule formulations. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, containing over 99% pure CBD without any additional cannabinoids or other compounds. As a result, CBD capsules made from CBD isolate offers all of the benefits of CBD without the trace amounts of THC. Diamond CBD capsules are a good choice for those seeking to add CBD to their wellness routine while avoiding any exposure to THC.

A wide variety of CBD capsule formulations allows you to tailor your experience. If you’re looking for just CBD, Diamond CBD Capsules are simply formulated with only 10 mg of CBD isolate per capsule. But if you’re looking to enhance the effects of CBD, Diamond CBD offers other formulations that contain additional supplements like melatonin, ginger root, turmeric, flaxseed, and collagen.

CBD Vape Oils

Diamond CBD also has one of the most comprehensive product lines of CBD vapes. This company offers a large selection of CBD vape oils, both flavored and unflavored, for use in vape pens, e-cigarettes, or vaporizers. Diamond CBD’s vape oils come in strengths ranging from 42 mg up to 670 mg with flavors including strawberry, watermelon, and jungle juice.

According to Diamond CBD, the company’s vape products are all made with high-quality CBD derived from natural hemp grown in the United States. However, it’s important to note that, in 2018, Diamond CBD’s vape products were found to contain a synthetic cannabinoid and dextromethorphan, an ingredient in cough medicines sold over the counter in drugstores.

In response, Diamond CBD issued a recall of the implicated products. The company uses an independent, third-party lab to test all of its products, including CBD vape oils, for purity. Diamond CBD posts the lab results for all of their products on their website

CBD Drinks

Diamond CBD’s collection of unique CBD drinks includes CBD-infused coffee, tea, gel packs, shots, and syrup for making slushies or other sweetened, flavored beverages. Our favorite of the bunch is Diamond CBD’s Chill CBD coffee and tea pods. These pods fit into any Keurig-style coffee maker and are a great way to get a long-lasting dose of CBD while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea. The pods come in coffee, decaf coffee, black tea, or green tea varieties and each pod is packed with 25 mg of CBD isolate.

Diamond CBD shots give you 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD in a quick 60 ml shot and flavors include grape, jungle juice, and berry flavors. Diamond CBD shots offer a portable, discreet, and convenient way to take CBD, but they contain quite a few sweeteners and additives when compared to plain CBD oil.

Diamond CBD also offers a line of CBD-infused syrups. While meant for making slushies, we think these syrups could be used for making a wide range of sweetened, CBD-infused beverages. 1-liter bottles come in 800 mg or 1600 mg potencies and are available in a selection of flavors including grape, cherry, cola, and lemonade.

CBD Bath Products

The company’s line of CBD bath and body products features skincare items like body scrub, hair oil, and body butter as well as bathtime accompaniments like bath salts and bath bombs. Diamond CBD’s bath bombs and bath salts are made with CBD isolate and come in many different scents including almond coconut, sandalwood rose, lavender mint, and satsuma orange. Their bath bombs contain 100 mg of CBD while their bath salts are available in 100 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg potencies.

Diamond CBD also offers a comprehensive line of full-spectrum, CBD-infused skincare products. This includes CBD masks, scrubs, serums, cleansers, toners, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, hair oil, and beard oil. Potencies range from 500 mg to 1000 mg.

CBD Pet Products

Diamond CBD has developed a diverse selection of CBD products formulated specifically for pets. The company’s CBD oils for dogs and CBD oils for cats are full-spectrum and available in varying strengths—from 25 mg up to 550 mg in a 30 ml bottle—for pets of all sizes. Diamond CBD’s pet CBD oils are largely unflavored, although they offer a bacon flavor option for small dogs.

In addition to CBD oils for pets, Diamond CBD’s product line also includes CBD pet treats and CBD pet spray. These are great choices if your dog or cat is a picky eater and resistant to CBD oil. With Diamond CBD’s pet spray, you can administer a dose of CBD with just a quick spray to the mouth of your pet. Their pet treats are full-spectrum and come in multiple flavors including beef wrap, chicken, kabob, bacon and cheese, and steak for dogs as well as chicken for cats. This is one of the few companies we’ve seen that carries CBD treats formulated just for cats.

Our Take on Diamond CBD

Here’s a recap of the pros and cons of Diamond CBD. We understand some of these may matter more or less to you, so read below for more details.

Pros Cons
An incredibly wide selection of high-quality CBD products from CBD oils to edibles to pet products Only accepts unopened items for return
Full-spectrum and THC-free options available Some of Diamond CBD’s hemp is sourced from outside the United States
All products are made in the United States and tested by a third-party lab Free shipping only on orders of over $100
Frequent promotions and sales Flavored CBD oil tinctures contain additives
A broad range of potencies and flavors to choose from in every product category
Flavored and unflavored CBD oil options
CBD pet treats for both cats and dogs

Product Selection

One of Diamond CBD’s greatest strengths lies in its extensive product selection. This company has one of the widest CBD product lines that we’ve come across. Each product category contains over a dozen options to choose from.

That’s because Diamond CBD makes new product research and innovation a priority. Backed by one of the world’s leaders in the cannabis industry, this company pours significant amounts of time and resources into consumer research and new product development

If you enjoy being able to completely customize your CBD experience, Diamond CBD is the brand for you. However, if you’re the kind of person to get overwhelmed by analysis paralysis, you may prefer a company with a more minimalist product line.


Diamond CBD partners with a collection of farms located in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia to source its hemp. Their hemp is non-GMO but not certified organic.

It’s important to note that some of their hemp is not sourced in the United States. Sourcing hemp from the United States makes it easier to control for soil contamination and overall quality. However, their hemp that’s not grown in America is sourced from Scandinavia, an area that tends to have higher environmental standards than other areas like China and Eastern Europe which also commonly export hemp.


With such a wide selection, Diamond CBD offers products on both the low and high end of the potency spectrum. Whether you are looking to try CBD for the first time or are an experienced user who needs a high strength formulation, Diamond CBD has something for everyone. For example, the company’s CBD oil tinctures come in concentrations ranging from 25 mg all the way up to 3500 mg in a 30 ml bottle while their CBD creams range from 250 mg to 1500 mg in a 4-ounce container.


Diamond CBD’s expansive product line ensures that there is a CBD product to suit every taste. While some prefer the natural flavor of CBD-rich hemp extract, others prefer to have the taste hidden by additional flavoring. Diamond CBD offers more flavor selections of CBD oil tinctures than any company we’ve ever seen as well as simple unflavored options

For those that prefer the taste of edibles, Diamond CBD is also a smart choice. Once again, this company has one of the largest selections of CBD gummies and edibles available. And we enjoyed every flavor of Diamond CBD gummies that we tested.

We also enjoyed having out of the ordinary but equally tasty CBD snacks to choose from like their CBD-infused dried fruit and popcorn. However, not every edible was a winner. We noticed that Diamond CBD’s cake pops were a little dry.

Ordering and Shipping Process

Diamond CBD ships to all 50 states. After you place an order, it takes between one and two business days to process and then ship. Diamond CBD sends their shipments using UPS. Shipping time will vary depending on your location and may take anywhere from 2-5 business days (Monday to Friday) after your order is processed.

For retail orders over $100, the company offers free two-day shipping within the continental United States. Shipping is also free if you sign up for a recurring subscription purchase. Expedited shipping is also available for an additional charge based on your location. All of the above shipping times do not include any potential for extreme weather, holidays, or backorders.

Customer Service

Diamond CBD customer service can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm EST. You can also email their customer support staff or fill out a contact form on the company’s website.

Diamond CBD offers free returns on unopened items within 15 days from the delivery date. You can make returns or exchanges using the company’s online returns system.

However, there are a few exceptions to Diamond CBD’s return policy. All vaping products are final sale unless the product arrives damaged. And the company does not accept refunds on wholesale orders.


Diamond CBD’s selection of products is broad. As a result, so is the price point. While some of the company’s products are more expensive than average, Diamond CBD also offers many reasonably priced options. For example, Diamond CBD oil tinctures range from a reasonable $0.12 per mg to a pricey $0.80 per mg. But with such a wide selection, it’s easy to find something to suit your needs and tastes as well as your budget.

Diamond CBD is also constantly running new sales and promotions on their website. At the time this review was written, the current promotion was 50% off your first order. Select products were also on sale for 35% off or more. If you check back often, you’ll likely find the product you’re looking for on sale.

Discover everything you need to know about Diamond CBD. Read our in-depth review of Diamond CBD and who we recommend this CBD brand for.

Diamond CBD Review

Diamond CBD is the brand that wants to redefine the market of CBD products which deliver relaxation and calmness to people who select them. You’re asking how this brand differentiates from others? What is the competitive advantage to consumers? Well, the answer is that Diamond CBD Oils chill out your mind and nerves to a max level, Diamond CBD edibles will sensate your taste receptors to the highest reach, and Diamond CBD creams will make your skin soft and healthy without allergy. In this Diamond CBD review, you will find out all information about the brand, its most popular products, pros and cons. Let’s dig into the secrets of Diamond CBD range of products to find out why company stands out from the crowd.


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Who is DiamondCBD: Company Story

The brand entered the market several years ago when CBD legislation efforts and safety scientific research peaked. People were scared to believe that companies like Diamond CBD offer scam, but the brand even offers Diamond CBD pet oils and Diamond CBD vape additive oils tested out by thousands of buyers.

Is Diamond CBD legit? Brand’s presence on the market is tied to the mission of researching and developing eco-friendly and health-wise hemp products. It’s so safe, Diamond CBD infused gummy bears have become a top-selling product on the website, as you can guess from buyer testimonials. Highest quality and price affordability are attributes that flatten other players in CBD segment.

Diamond CBD range of products from website categories is introduced to make you feel safe and satisfied during and after a purchase without getting lost. Team of scientific experts performs elaborated check during manufacturing, testing, and packaging of Diamond CBD range of products. Keep in mind, the company follows 3 buyer beneficial rules:

  • Non-GMO hemp harvested from best farms in Colorado, Kentucky, and Scandinavia.
  • Multistep quality check of raw materials during pre-production.
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction to get high-quality CBD to add into products.

Diamond CBD Products

The company brings a new level of CBD game to the table, all the things you could imagine with safe cannabinoids are already in their webstore. Store offers cool Diamond CBD gummies in the shape of bears, fruits, veggies, and random geometry.

  • Oils
  • Vape pens
  • Topicals
  • Edibles
  • Gummies
  • Treat for animals

Diamond CBD Vape Pens

Vape guys and girls will be surprised down here. The brand gets it straight, you can vape with ready-to-use tanks & pens, or buy Diamond CBD vape additive oils to add to any liquid.

If you want to experience only CBD effects without super flavoring, get unflavored CBD additive oils, they won’t kill the taste of your liquids. What makes these liquids special is kabooming number of tastes to pick, from watermelon to jungle juice. Ever considered yourself a vape connoisseur? It’s your bet to taste nice flavors in chilling and relaxing CBD smoke.

Diamond CBD Vape Pens

Diamond CBD Oil

The oils you could find on the brand website are ranged from unflavored to pumped up in plenty of tastes. You could find the right dosage on your preference, from 400 to 1500 mg, all in different packaging, from glass flacons to syringes.

Get unflavored diamond CBD oil to experience mild vibes of chillness, if you want to casually max out benefits of consuming CBD. Have ice-creamy mood? Try out strawberry, mint, and blueberry, they are top-hitting sale charts this season.

Diamond CBD Oil

Diamond CBD Edibles

Yum-yum time with a splice of relaxation to turn the anxiety off. That’s a brief description of webstore edibles section. You’ll get lost inside rainbow of colors, Diamond CBD gummies have been created to drag tasters into Adventure Time cartoon. It happens on your taste receptors, so get ready for Diamond CBD infused gummy bears, snakes, and watermelons to please and relax your mind. Heck, store even offers Diamond CBD Infused Honey (Bears, beware).

Diamond CBD Edibles

Diamond CBD for Pets

Every Fido, Charlie, and Buddy will be happy when you visit Diamond CBD pet products webstore section. First thing that comes in mind about pets and CBD is snacks, from beef jerkys to cannabinoid biscuits. They’ll all here on Diamond CBD, but the brand wants pets to share the same experience as their owners. Store adds new Diamond CBD pet oils to make all woofies and meowies in the world calmed and peaced.

Diamond CBD for Pets

Diamond CBD Benefits

Wide product selection

While many brands limit their assortment to hemp-derived oil and topicals, Diamond CBD offers the diversity of items. You’ll find gummies, vape additives, capsules, honey sticks, shots, bath bombs, and many more. The brand also has a variety of oils with different flavors, including watermelon, strawberry, peppermint, banana, lemonade, and pineapple. If you prefer natural items, Diamond CBD offers unflavored oils as well.

Less than 0.3% of THC

According to the US laws, the tetrahydrocannabinol dosage in hemp-extracted products shouldn’t exceed this amount, and Diamond CBD strictly follows regulations. With this brand, you don’t have to worry about documents allowing you to buy items containing more than 0.3% of THC or about the company’s trustworthiness.

High-quality hemp.

Diamond CBD uses plants grown in Colorado, Kentucky, and Scandinavia. Hemp is carefully selected by the brand’s specialists who strive to create premium organic products. All the products are tested for quality and purity at third-party laboratories.

All-natural CBD products.

The brand’s items are free from pesticides, GMOs, toxins, and heavy metals. Products contain only high-quality hemp and other natural ingredients, including essential oils and plant extracts. They’re carefully selected by Diamond CBD experts aiming to achieve the best results. Every ingredient has incredible healing properties, while the combination of compounds brings the best effect.

Diamond CBD Review: Negatives

Diamond CBD is a reliable brand, yet it has 2 insignificant negatives to dwell on:

International shipping

You can purchase Diamond CBD products only if you live in one of the US states. But those living outside the country can’t enjoy the brand’s oils, creams, vape additives, and other goods. Many foreign fans of natural treatment would like to try Diamond CBD hemp-extracted items, but they don’t have such an opportunity. It’s a pity because the brand has many attractive products and a vast selection of flavors.


Diamond CBD products may be too expensive for your budget. Of course, everything depends on the item you pick and discounts. For example, the unflavored oil 25 mg costs $19.99, and the unflavored oil 3500 mg costs $419.99. These are prices without the discount, but if the product is on sale it is a great deal for the offered quality.

Final Comment

Still in doubt to try out CBD? Drop it off, it’s legislated and millions of people find their life simply better with products like these. Companies like CBD Diamond debunk the myth about the harmful nature of cannabinoids. Aside from THK, CBD is safe to use daily without any worries. You would likely share the same thoughts, open the doors of CBD market and enjoy life you deserve, without pain and nerves.

Jamie Taylor

Jamie has more than ten years of experience as a physician assistant. He has always been interested in the healing potential of cannabidiol, especially in its pain relief properties. Jamie considers cannabidiol as a powerful remedy with minimal side effects. He knows how to help users make rational buying decisions based on the unbiased and accurate reviews of CBD products and brands.

Interesting in Diamond CBD top-rated products in the maeket? Read our Diamond CBD review to come to the right decision and enjoy eco-friendly products on a daily basis.