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does cbd oil give you energy

I Started Using CBD Oil Every Day—and This Is How It Changed My Life

Better sleep, energy for workouts, and a compliment from my husband make it all worthwhile.

I’m not well-schooled in the ways of cannabis—figuring out what CBD is took some time. Until recently I didn’t know my hemp from my weed. THC, CBD…IDK. It’s like trying to get the square root of a number: If I concentrate for a minute, I can figure it out, but really I just don’t care, you know?

Then my friend started selling CBD oil. She’s a stay-at-home mom-turned-yoga instructor and a total straitlaced health nut. I thought, if she was into it, maybe I should learn more. So I found out CBD stands for cannabidiol, a natural extract from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It’s not the chemical in marijuana that brings the high—that’s the THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

There are still plenty of studies to be done, but so far science has shown that CBD appears to target more than 65 areas in the brain and body that are involved in regulating pain, mood, and sleep. Notably, CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, enhancing and balancing the messages sent via endocannabinoids and neurotransmitters. By doing so, it has the potential to lower inflammation, ease pain, bring a sense of calm, help those coping with anxiety, and improve sleep.

I want all those things. Inflammation can lead to aches, pains, and acne, and—yes, at the age of 47—I’d be happy to get rid of them. Given that my husband and son have nicknamed me Yelly Melly, I’m guessing I could also do with a deeper sense of calm. And I’m a busy working mom, so sure, I’ll take better sleep!

Inflammation can lead to aches, pains, and acne, and—yes, at the age of 47—I’d be happy to get rid of them.

There are numerous CBD oils and balms (and drink mixes and bath salts and dog treats), but I gravitated toward an oil by Beam for a couple of reasons: It’s THC-free (I’ve learned that some companies don’t filter out traces of THC—I’m not here to get stoned, people), and it’s broad-spectrum, which means beneficial plant compounds, like terpenes and flavonoids, are left in the extract.

I began taking a one-milliliter dropperful of oil, containing 66.7 milligrams of CBD, morning and night. There isn’t an industry-standard recommended dose, so I started with the brand’s lowest potency. I held the drop under my tongue for a minute or so, in order for the cannabidiol to seep into my bloodstream rather than get digested (which is also a good delivery system—just not as direct). It tasted fine, sort of neutral, with a hint of plant life.

A few days later, I took my first barre class. I hadn’t worked out in a year, thanks to a shoulder injury, and I was nervous I’d be in serious pain afterward. It wasn’t too bad. After class, I rubbed some CBD balm on my shoulder. The idea behind balms and lotions is that CBD gets absorbed through the skin, without taking a trip under the tongue and through the bloodstream, so it goes straight to the receptors that need it most. The next day, I took a yoga class (all hail, Groupon!), which didn’t leave me extra-sore or strained either.

Could all this pain-free movement have been a result of the placebo effect? Sure. But I like to think my inflammation was kept in check by my new CBD regimen. Still, I’m no medical expert, so I reached out to Staci Gruber, PhD, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the director of the Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core and the Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery program at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. She told me that anecdotal evidence and pre-clinical trials suggest CBD helps with pain and inflammation, but “we don’t have clinical trial data.”

Also, I stopped having nightmares. Weirdly, I get them a lot—like, I’m driving down the road and suddenly I’m in the ocean. That kinda thing. But since I started taking CBD oil, the nightmares haven’t come. My daily stressors remain the same, but my stress symptoms have lessened, so I’m totally giving CBD oil the credit. I also spoke to David L. Nathan, MD, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and founder of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation. He agreed there could be a connection: “All drugs that can help with sleep—and CBD may be one of them—will not affect just the onset and duration of sleep but also the quality of sleep,” he explained.

Inspired by my reduced chronic pain and stress-free slumber, I also started getting up at 5:50 a.m. for a brisk 2-mile walk with my neighbor every morning. And yeah, I’m still taking barre and yoga classes. I’ve got energy for everything!

But the most concrete proof that CBD oil is doing good things for me came about two weeks after I started taking it. I hadn’t mentioned my new CBD routine to my husband, in part because I wanted to assess for myself whether it had an impact. But out of the blue one night while watching TV, he turned to me and said, “Hey, I’d like to thank you for not getting so frustrated lately with me and the boy. I appreciate it.”

Better sleep, energy for workouts, and a compliment from my husband make it all worthwhile.

Does CBD Oil Give You Energy?

Kirsten Thornhill | Aug 16, 2018

Does CBD Oil Give You Energy?

Who couldn’t use a little energy boost from time to time? The moment you feel that energy boost, the motivation almost pours out of you, rushing in productive excitement.

Many people consume various energy-boosting products in an effort to rev up their engines, to kick into high gear, to get down to business (you get the point), yet many of these products aren’t always safe (or effective). There are safer and more effective ways to give your energy a boost that includes none than the other – cannabidiol.

If you’re one who tries to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends in the holistic health realm, then you’ve probably heard all the rave about CBD oil and CBD products, making heads turn one by one.

Scientists and researchers are working diligently to continue to provide evidence for CBD as a potential therapeutic herb, with amazing benefits.

Does CBD oil really give you energy? How? More on that in just a sec! Hang tight.


There’s no doubt about it – you’re dying to know all there is to know about CBD, so you Google search this magical herb, and bam – hundreds of pages of results appear.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you’ve probably been seeing CBD products appear just about everywhere. However, most still aren’t sure about what it is or how it really works.

Well, CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s the non-psychoactive component that is derived from the cannabis plant, meaning it won’t have you feeling “high” or “stoned”. Unlike its other cannabinoid counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, which means that users can consume CBD with confidence knowing that they won’t experience any mind-altering effects.

CBD is an all-natural occurring compound used in many different types of application – topicals, salves, creams, oils, drops, capsules. It has been used in a wide array of ways to help alleviate negative symptoms.

So, how exactly do CBD drops work to increase energy?


To understand how CBD works to increase energy, it’s important to know how it interacts with the body first, starting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is one of the most important physiological systems involved in establishing human health and homeostasis. It’s a complex system that plays a key role in a number of important biological processes including energy levels.

The goal of the ECS is to maintain homeostasis, keeping a stable internal environment despite changes to our external environment.

Think of this system as a signaling system in your body, containing endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes that work together with most of our physiologically systems. You can find these cannabinoids throughout the body in the connective tissues, glands, immune cells, organs, and brain.


CBD’s effects on the body stem from its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

The body already has its own naturally-produced cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, that circulate and interact with the ECS. Since these cannabinoids are working overtime all the time, they sometimes need a boost.

When CBD is introduced into the body, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system by activating endocannabinoids receptors: cannabidiol-1 (CB1) and cannabidiol-2 (CB2).

CBD oil helps maintain an optimal level of homeostasis or natural balance, that the ECS works so hard to keep balance. Without this equalizing balance, the biological processes that the ECS is involved with can be thrown off track. Thus, ailments and disease, amongst other health issues, can ensue.

Fortunately, with the help of CBD, homeostasis can be maintained! Thus, encouraging a level of balance of bodily processes, optimal health, and energy flow. Sounds like a win!


Not only does CBD have the potential to help alleviate various ailments, but it can also play a role in boosting energy. What do the scientists and researchers say? Is there evidence to support these claims? Why, yes, here’s the science.


A 2014 article published in Current Neuropharmacology concluded that cannabidiol has potential effects to be considered a “wake-promoting agent”. Furthermore, researchers from this study found that microinjections of CBD injected into the hypothalamus activated neurons, leading to an enhancement in the dopamine levels as well as an increase in wakefulness .

CBD may increase dopamine levels (the feel-good feelings) and increase wakefulness.

Published in the Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies in 2017, a study in Brazil confirmed the existence of antioxidant properties in CBD . Biologically, organic molecules age or become damaged over time, thus, losing electrons and becoming free radicals. Humans need antioxidants to help restore these molecules, to bring back the necessary balance.

CBD has been suggested to have antioxidative properties, keeping molecules energized and full.

Fast forward to 2018, Meletis and Wedman-St. Louis discussed the importance of cannabidiol and mood management. The researchers wrote, “Cannabidiol inhibits the degradation of endocannabinoids, especially anandamide”. In layman’s terms, anandamide has been called the “bliss molecule”. By stopping its degradation, CBD keeps this bliss molecule where it belongs to continuously manage our moods.

Taking CBD may help keep your mood in tact and energized.

Multiple animal studies confirm CBD’s influence on inflammation, pain, anxiety, energy and more. However, it still is difficult to identify the specific mechanisms for CBD.


An increasing number of individuals, including athletes, are incorporating CBD into their regimen for the reasons above.CBD is able to give energy levels a boost by strengthening body cells that are responsible for making you feel sleepy and sluggish. It can help to reignite your focus and mental clarity, allowing you to think a lot clearer soon after taking it.

CBD comes in various forms, including drops.

Because of CBD’s ability to interact with the receptors of the ECS, it can help influence any one of its many biological processes. As such, CBD drops can help give the body the energy boost it needs to function properly throughout the day.


CBD drops have their own set of benefits. For starters, drops are quick and easy to consume. By simply dropping the formula into the mouth, under the tongue, you’re bound to experience near-immediate results. By dropping CBD directly sublingually, CBD can enter the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system to metabolize. Not only does this allow the CBD to take effect much faster without it having to be digested first, it also allows for a much higher level of bioavailability.

When we say ‘bioavailability’, we’re referring to the percentage of a substance that the body absorbs or how much of a substance can enter the bloodstream unaltered. The faster the substance can get into the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system and liver, the higher its level of bioavailability. Take it quick, feel it sooner.

There are so many benefits of CBD drops and increasing energy levels is one of them. All of the benefits of CBD come from a natural plant.


Now that you know all the science behind CBD and how it can give you a boost in your energy levels, here’s where it all comes together: purchasing CBD drops.

Here, at Nanocraft CBD , we firmly believe in how you start your day, is how you start your life. With a refreshing mixture of nano-emulsified broad-spectrum CBD with a unique blend of Vitamin B-12 organic coffee, and other natural ingredients, our Day Formula is what you’re looking for. This energizing blend is here to spring you into your day of mental clarity, focus, and radiance. Stay focused for hours while you enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Our Day Formula contains no Pharmaceuticals, organic caffeine, is non-GMO, 100% pure hemp, 100% THC free, packed with Vitamin B-12, and has 10 mg of high potency CBD per serving.

A convenient way to get your daily intake of CBD is to start your day with an added boost from the Day Formula. Individuals, including athletes, are raving about the boost in focus and energy after starting their day with these CBD drops.

CBD is a powerful alternative supplement that users can add to their daily regime to help achieve and maintain general health and wellness.


CBD is making heads turn in the marijuana industry, on the daily. Whether you are curious to try CBD for the first time or are a daily-routine type of CBD taker, we encourage our readers to do your research and see what’s out there that may fit your needs best.

Research thus far is showing promise as CBD being a natural energy-booster, antioxidant, and wakefulness agent. Furthermore, more human trials and studies are needed to continue to confirm that CBD has energy-boosting properties.

Next time you’re feeling a caffeine crash after a long day of work or you’re just simply needing a pick-me-up, think about giving our CBD drops a try. Our CBD drops are all-natural and THC free – giving you the boost and clarity you’re looking for.

Many people consume various energy-boosting products in an effort to rev up their engines, yet many of these products aren't always safe. The good news is that there are safer and more effective ways to give your energy a boost that includes CBD drops.