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evo hemp cbd oil

Evo Hemp Review

Evo Hemp is one of those brands that kind of does it all. As long as it’s hemp-related, you can bet that they are working on it. From food to fashion, Evo Hemp is finding cannabis-based solutions to just about everything.

The early days of Evo Hemp were born through a vision to create jobs and wealth from domestically grown (USA) hemp. This mission brought Evo Hemp to the Pine Ridge Reservation – the poorest place in the United States – with the hope of bringing economic growth and prosperity.

The Evo Hemp team paired up with Alex White Plume of the Lakota tribe and began to cultivate quality hemp and quality hemp products. They ended up bringing jobs to people who had no opportunities and grew wealth for the local indigenous people as they grew hemp!

Despite being born from the desire to grow wealth, Evo Hemp does not make their money by overcharging – they prefer to oversell. You can save a lot of money with Evo Hemp because they offer wholesale prices! Their website states that you can save as much as 50% when Evo Hemp is compared. They promise not to compromise on quality while saving you money. If you are not entirely satisfied with anything purchased from Evo Hemp, they will refund your entire purchase.

Cannabis, hemp, and CBD have all blossomed into markets of their own. Evo Hemp offers the best of them all combined. At the end of the day, they all come from the same plant – so Evo Hemp sees them as the same marketplace.

CBD oils are booming in popularity for their celebrated medicinal uses. Evo Hemp offers CBD oils with different potency. A disclaimer on their website boldly proclaims that Evo Hemp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases’. In the cannabis market, that kind of disclaimer will hardly keep anyone from utilizing CBD oil for all of its wonderful healing properties.

CBD oil can be used for a wide array of reasons. Some say it helps with depression and anxiety. Some use it to sleep. Evidence has shown that it helps to treat skin problems and can even show impressive results when used to treat skin cancer. Some use it for its health benefits in cooking. Whatever you decide to use it for, Evo Hemp delivers high-quality hemp oil to fit your needs.

If oil is not your speed, you can opt for softgels in different strengths. They encompass all of the same benefits – they are just the same product, delivered differently. They also offer a ton of package deals that help buyers to get the best of both worlds.

Evo Hemp also has a fun range of CBD-based foods. Their foods are incredibly healthy with Hemp Fruit and Nut bars and Hemp Protein Bars being some of their best selling items.

Evo Hemp does not have much of a clothing range at this point – which is a shame when the hemp market is growing and hemp is easier to utilize than ever before. Currently, their website hosts a hemp Evo hat, and that is all – for now. The hat is hemp-based and fittingly green. It’s a peak cap with the words ‘Evo – Hemp’ neatly embroidered into it. While their range could certainly be more extensive, this simple item does encapsulate their brand quite neatly.

The ‘CBD Infused’ section on their website will give you a much longer product list. This is quite clearly their specialty. There CBD products are impressive, but with the name Evo Hemp, you would hope that their hemp product list would also grow.

Evo Hemp is not only hemp focused – they are health-focused. These are two things that often go hand in hand. Evo Hemp has an extensive blog page on their website that has multiple articles about everything related to healthy living. Some articles are related to their products, such as blog posts about the link between CBD and sleep, or an interesting read about cannabis culture in China; but some of their blog posts are just about health in general – discussing topics such as how cocoa can boost your mood.

4 STARS – Evo Hemp is an innovative brand and the work that they are doing is empowering impoverished people. Their only downfall is that it honestly does not seem like they are reaching their full potential – yet! We hope to see them growing with the green rush and doing a lot more in the near future.

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Evo hemp cbd oil

Written by Jason Brett — Edited by on February 9, 2021

Boulder, Colorado-based Evo Hemp seems to have taken the mountain community’s famous hippie ethos to heart. The company is very involved in its mission to help create a more sustainable CBD oil market through the sustainable cultivation of hemp, on both an environmental and economic level. And it partners with the nearby Lakota Native American tribe to help it achieve those aims. The quality of the hemp farming seems up to snuff to us, as well, but we’d like to see just a bit more from them when it comes to providing up-to-date lab reports on their cannabidiol.

By all appearances, Evo Hemp is interested in helping the world of cannabidiol and hemp production grow as sustainably and naturally as the hemp itself.

The company grows its industrial hemp in tandem with the Lakota Native American tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation in Colorado, allowing Evo Hemp to help “introduce an old crop to a new market,” and provide a lucrative opportunity to a traditionally underserved area. The growing program the company has established with the tribe allows farmers to “make a significant income on a small amount of acreage,” the company says, with industrial hemp yielding up to 4-times more than a crop of soy, wheat, or corn.

We applaud these community-focused efforts, as well as the dedication to certified organic growing practices the company employs. We also appreciate that Evo Hemp includes third-party lab test results on their site, though only one batch we found was tested for contaminants. The remaining results point to cannabidiol purity only, and some of the Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) are what we would consider to be outdated, which, unfortunately, means we can’t designate our prestigious safety badge.

Still, the shop is diverse, offering a wide range of CBD-based products, from full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures and CBD capsules to a number of hemp-based edibles, including hemp bars, hemp seeds, hemp protein powders and hempseed cooking oil.

Tinctures go for $80 each and CBD capsules at $35 a bottle, though each can also be sold in 4-packs. Ingredients lists are minimal, and all-natural.

The company’s edibles (with the exception of the CBD capsules, which are made with gelatin) all carry ingredients lists that live up to Evo Hemp’s promise of raw, vegan, soy and gluten-free, paleo-friendly, kosher, and certified organic/non-GMO products. Its bars sound like a healthy eater’s dream, full of yummy and all-natural items, and cost $28 for a box of 12. Hemp powders sell for anywhere from $10 to $25 while the versatile hempseed oil retails at $10.

Consumers should know, however, that while all of the edibles include hemp, they do not include CBD oil.

Bottom Line – Evo Hemp has a good mission, and the company seems truly dedicated to it, earning our mission and charity badges. And their solid hemp growing and CBD extraction practices have earned them our quality badge. But we wish they’d be just a bit more on top of their lab testing paperwork, offering more up-to-date reports not just on the purity of their CBD oil but on the contamination status of all their cannabidiol products. A slight tweak in the future could easily see them sporting our safety badge, too.

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