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Hemp Bombs

For many, finding the right CBD vape juice or CBD products can be a challenge. There are so many variants, a number of concentrations, and you want something that is high quality and delivers what it promises. Thankfully, Hemp Bombs is just that.

They were founded in 2016 and their goal is to provide CBD ejuice that will help you relax and relieve any tension and anxiety you have going on.

What Hemp Bombs CBD Products Can Do For You?

Hemp Bombs is a great place for new users of CBD to start, and they offer many different flavors, at varying levels of concentration, so you can choose what level of CBD you want when you use it.

You can get this in CBD oil form, which you can use both externally and internally, along with CBD tinctures which can be used underneath the tongue.

But, what are the benefits of CBD? CBD is a part of the hemp plant, but it doesn’t have the psychoactive effects that marijuana has.

That means, it won’t get you high, but it does offer you the same benefits to your body than marijuana does.

Most CBD products are full-spectrum too, which means they will help with ensuring you get the proper benefits across many levels.

CBD also only has 0.3 THC in it, which means they fall under the legal limit.

CBD can be used to treat bodily problems, such as inflammation and muscle aches, and is used as a natural relaxant.

If you take CBD before bed, for example, you’ll feel nice and relaxed, and it helps promote better sleep.

CBD can also be used to treat anxiety, and it’s a natural means to relieve anxiety in many people. It also helps with inflamed and irritated areas.

By rubbing CBD on affected areas, you can treat inflammation at the core, allowing for a more relaxed, healthy body.

If you’re wondering whether CBD oil has any mental effects, the answer is no, unlike cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica, this type of product doesn’t affect the mind in any sort of means, which means that you’ll be able to, with this, take it without putting your job at risk, and without getting high.

Why You Should Buy Hemp Bombs CBD?

Hemp Bombs has a lot of different products, including high-quality vape products and juices to use in your vape.

It’s a great way to use CBD products as well because if you need a boost, you can always get it from there.

If you’re wondering whether they contain CBD and THC, they do not. These products only contain CBD and are labeled as such.

If you’re curious about Hemp Bombs and their Products, then look no further and read on to learn more about these amazing products.

Too many CBD products on the market but none come close to purity and potency of Hemp Bombs CBD products. Click to see all the available products.

Hemp Bombs CBD Review: Are They Still The Bomb Diggity?

Dave Kriegel

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  2. Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Tinctures
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  4. Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze
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Hemp Bombs has become one of the most well-recognized CBD brands over the last few years. They originally caught my attention with their CBD vape juice flavors. Unfortunately since then they have discontinued their e-liquid line due to the PACT Act which places restrictions on vape mail. Today they offer an entire line of hemp-based CBD products including capsules, oil tinctures, creams and more.

All of their products are formulated with CBD isolate derived from pesticide-free industrial hemp. They provide third-party lab results for every batch. Their products are produced in an in-house facility in Tampa, Florida and they adhere to strict quality control standards. They are one of my personal favorite brands for THC-free CBD oils and more.

All of my experiences over the years with Hemp Bombs products have been nothing but positive. I have always and continue to recommend them to people looking for high quality CBD without THC. Recently, they have expanded their line-up with new products and updated their label design.

The products were sent courtesy of Hemp Bombs for the purpose of this review.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Tinctures

Hemp Bombs also offers MCT-oil based tinctures for oral use. They contain the same broad spectrum extract as their other products, but are not suitable for vaping. They are currently available in five options—acai berry, orange creamsicle, peppermint, watermelon and flavorless. They also come in a wide range of strengths ranging from 125 to 5000 mg per 60 mL bottle and contain trace amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes according to the lab results.

I tried the watermelon, peppermint and flavorless and enjoyed all of them. They are a lot less sweet than if you were to take their vape juice sublingually, which I occasionally do from time to time. Here is a breakdown of each one and how they tasted.

  • Watermelon – This flavor reminds me of Twizzlers candy. If you know what I’m talking about, or just want a nice watermelon flavor that’s not too sweet, you’ll like this one. It’s very smooth and subtle, but it leaves a fresh watermelon candy aftertaste that I enjoy.
  • Peppermint – Peppermint is a flavor that meshes really well with CBD for some reason. If you want a cool refreshing aftertaste, that neutralizes the CBD taste as much as possible, this is going to be your best bet. If you love mint, you can’t go wrong.
  • Flavorless – There is only a slight aftertaste with this one. Other than that, it’s virtually tasteless. It’s made from CBD isolate, so it’s not bitter. You barely taste the coconut oil or CBD. If you’re looking to mix CBD into your foods, this would be a good choice for that. If “nothing” had a taste, it would probably taste a lot like this tincture.

These are the 3 new flavors that were recently added to their line. I look forward to trying them.

  • Acai berry
  • Orange creamsicle
  • Chocolate mint

hemp bombs cbd tincture watermelon

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Hemp Bombs CBD oil contains premium CBD isolate extracted from hemp. By using CBD isolate instead of a whole-plant extraction method, they’re able to achieve better flavor. Hemp Bombs is available in some of the highest strengths available containing up to 5,000 mg CBD and comes in watermelon, peppermint and flavorless.

We test out Hemp Bombs CBD e-juice flavors and a few other products from their line including edibles, creams, capsules and more.