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kannaway cbd oil

Kannaway Pure Gold CBD Oil 120ml

Who are Kannaway?

Kannaway is a company that manufactures and markets some of the world’s most important product innovations, sourced from one of the earth’s oldest natural resources – cannabis.

What is CBD?

A natural compound found in the hemp plant, CBD, or cannabidiol that has a wide scope of helpful applications. It’s no big surprise that it has turned out to be such a broadly used wholesome staple in the wellbeing and health world.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system is hailed as one of the most exciting breakthroughs in modern science, their findings confirmed that the ECS plays a crucial role in regulating everything from mood, to sleep, and homeostasis.

How does it work?

The ECS is basically a system made up of endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptors thrive on the outside of cells and respond to different substantial procedures. They communicate this data about our bodies’ condition to the inside of the cell, making ready for the suitable cell response.

Pure Gold Hemp Oil:

Get peace of mind with Kannaway’s Pure Gold Hemp Oil with non-detectable THC levels.

This full spectrum CBD oil provides the full benefits of pure hemp oil without a trace of THC (the chemical responsible for psychological effects in cannabis). This oil has been specially designed to create a shelf-stable, easy-to-pour liquid due to combining the high CBD oil with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. This golden coloured CBD oil creates the perfect daily source of CBD, essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fibre and protein.

Each 120ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, this averages at 33mg of CBD per serving. The MCT combined with the rich CBD oil is sustainably sourced coconut oil. This can be added to food and beverages such a smoothies.

How to use:

Suggested Use: 3/4 teaspoon one to two times daily. A great addition to smoothies or other foods and beverages.

Kannaway Pure Gold 120ml


Kannaway® is the first direct marketing company to offer cannabis products to consumers and continues to be an industry leader in the hemp and CBD markets. Kannaway® encourages its international team of brand ambassadors to create their own successful hemp product distribution businesses that will positively impact the health of the people around them.

The company has experienced upward trending growth since its relaunch as a premier hemp and CBD company in April of 2016 with its Genesis event in San Diego, expanding into new domestic and international markets and increasing their revenue stream month after month. In 2018, the company recorded its most successful year to date with nearly $50 million in revenue, an increase of 200% over 2017 revenue.

Kannaway® maintains a focus on sustainable and healthy products, such as CBD oil products, aromatherapeutic essential oils, hemp clothing, hemp pet products, CBD-infused skin care, energy chews, nutrition powders, CBD oil vaporizers, and more.

The company’s distribution strategy is based on its network of brand ambassadors. Tens of thousands of distributors sell Kannaway hemp and CBD products in over 30 countries around the world.

In April of 2019, the company was included for the first time on the Direct Selling News Global 100 . The DSN Global 100 includes the most successful direct selling companies in the world.

Kannaway®’s products are crafted from all natural botanical ingredients, including their Bi-Bong™ herbal blends. Once only available to the royal families of East Asia, Bi-Bong™ blends were created by a respected family of doctors and herbologists and have been passed down through the centuries and are now used by Kannaway’s expert formulators.

The company launched its Kannaway Sports initiative in 2018 to promote the use of CBD products by athletes of all levels. Kannaway has partnered with dozens of athletes from across the sports world, including Superbowl winning NFL players, Hall of Fame baseball stars, Gold Medal Olympians, world champion boxers, and many more.

The company hosts an ongoing tour of educational and promotional events around the world, including Super Saturday local events, quarterly regional events, and yearly Kannaway National Conventions, among more specialized events like the company’s Hemp for Humanity event in Vienna, Austria. Kannaway® also regularly holds online sales meetings and educational webinars for it’s brand ambassadors.

Kannaway® is actively enrolling new company brand ambassadors to help them expand the reach of their hemp and CBD products. To learn more about Kannaway®, visit the Kannaway® website today.



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Latest Kannaway News


Blake Schroeder, CEO

Stephen Jones, President

Jim Gibson, Vice President, Operations

Michael Coleman, Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Justin Stephens, Director of Member Support


Kannaway® solidified its role as an international distributor of CBD products when it officially launched operations in the European Union in November of 2018. As a pioneer of the hemp and CBD market in Europe, Kannaway® works to educate consumers and government officials in order to create legal, stable access to hemp CBD products. These efforts have included a series of events held in cities throughout Europe to promote the use of hemp products by consumers in the EU, to enroll a growing network of brand ambassadors, and to share important information regarding the advantages of hemp.

With over twice the population of the United States and Canada combined – over 742 million people – Europe presents an immense opportunity for hemp and marijuana companies that break the market open. Kannaway currently ships its products to over 30 countries in the EU market.

By 2028, the total cannabis industry in Europe is estimated to hit over €117 billion. €55 billion of that will be from therapeutic and medical uses of hemp and marijuana. CBD products like those distributed by Kannaway are legal to sell and to use throughout the EU but are still emerging in popularity, making the company’s network marketing model an ideal way to spread the word about the benefits of CBD.

Kannaway’s entry into the European market is just the first step in the company’s planned international expansion, taking advantage of CBD’s trending popularity worldwide.


A large part of Kannaway is the series of events the company hosts throughout the year. These events are unique opportunities for Kannaway’s team of brand ambassadors to immerse themselves in the Kannaway culture, including networking with fellow brand ambassadors, learning the tools and tips necessary to build a successful personal business with Kannaway, and getting the latest updates direct from the company’s executive team.

Kannaway® hosts large and small events across the United States and internationally in the EU, offering unique insight and opportunity to sales professionals who want to become successful leaders in the sale and marketing of hemp products and services. These events are capped by two premier events held in the spring and fall in the United States and the European Union respectively.

The last significant EU event was Kannaway®’s European Grand Opening event, hosted in Prague in November of 2018. Marking the company’s official launch in the European market, it capped a year long effort by the company to begin operations in the EU and launch new markets for the company’s line of hemp products.

A look back at the Kannaway Europe Grand Opening 2018

Then, in April of 2019, the company held its anticipated Believe National Convention in its hometown of San Diego. At the event, attendees heard firsthand from Kannaway® executives, the company’s top performing brand ambassadors, CBD experts and advocates, and more. The company also introduced its newest products at the event, including its CBD single use coffee and tea pods, CBD cat treats, and revamped Cannabis Beauty Defined anti-aging skincare line.

Believe National Convention Highlights



The Kannaway flagship brand carries a variety of hemp products and services that reach into a wide range of consumer needs, from nutrition powders and essential oils to CBD products, clothing, and even pet products to help its brand ambassadors and customers take advantage of the benefits of hemp in all aspects of their lives.

CBD Oil Products:

Kannaway’s main product line is its CBD oil products, including the Premium Hemp Oil, Pure CBD, and Pure Gold products, as well as its Hemp CBD Gum, CBD coffee and tea, and energy chews. Kannaway brand products are created using CO2-extracted hemp oil and formulated with all-natural ingredients.

Kannaway also offers complete nutrition with its SuperGreens and Power Protein nutrient powders. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, including nutritious hemp, Kannaway’s nutritional products are expertly formulated to provide users with the vitamins, minerals, and other essential compounds the body needs each day to function at its peak, while supporting weight loss and promoting muscle gain.

Kannaway offers hemp products designed specifically for pets. Hemp chew toys are eco-friendly, incredibly durable, and a healthy alternative to other chew toy materials, which can often be synthetic or made of materials that promote the growth of microorganisms. Kannaway’s hemp oil dog and cat treats provide pets with a daily use or as needed CBD product that works to promote balance – the same way CBD works in humans.

Essential Oils:

Fragrant essential oils provide enhanced aromatherapeutic benefits to your body and mind. Kannaway combined botanical oils with natural terpenes to create aromatic essential oil blends to boost energy levels, promote calm, and support immunity. Kannaway Essential Oils can be added to oil diffusers or massaged into pressure points.

Kannaway offers utility services for its customers. With the introduction of KPower and KSolar, Kannaway gives its customers the opportunity for flexible energy solutions, including low fixed rates, unrivaled choice, and even monthly rewards. Kannaway KPower and KSolar rewrite the rules on utilities.


Formulated for those who care about lasting, youthful skin, this anti-aging line of products contains CBD hemp oil and exclusive Bi-Bong™ herbal blends for dynamic skincare, yet all products in the brand are created free of dyes, fragrances, parabens, and sulfates. Designed for the discerning, well styled woman or man, Cannabis Beauty Defined® is a luxury experience from packaging to product.

Cannabis Beauty Defined® products bring natural CBD from hemp oil to high-end skin care for the first time. Their multi-step skincare line features products for every need, from exfoliator and cleanser to serum, moisturizer, and mask, for a complete CBD oil regimen.


Rev!ve™ is a unique CBD hemp oil product specifically designed for each part of the day. Rooted in optimal health and homeostasis, the Rev!ve™ line of products were crafted to promote balance within the body.

The Rev!ve™ line offers three products – Rev!ve™ AM, PM and Pro – supporting proper function, improving mental clarity, and encouraging a healthy sleep cycle. Formulated with nutrient-rich product blends built upon time-tested, proprietary ancient herbal formulations, Rev!ve™ contains CBD from hemp paired with synergistic Bi-Bong™ herbs, vitamin D, and sustainably sourced MCT oil.

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HempVĀP® was the first CBD hemp oil vaporizer product on the market, providing a sleek and portable, CBD-infused alternative to smoking.

The full HempVĀP® line includes a variety of unique flavor blends from all-natural terpenes but doesn’t contain the high-nicotine synthetic “juice” found in other vapes, electronic cigarettes, and hookahs. That means no smoke, no nicotine, and no high. Instead, HempVĀP® is designed for custom botanical cartridges that are infused with CBD for fun, flavorful vaporizing.

The unique and innovative CBD oil HempVĀP® is the healthy alternative for everyday use for fast and efficient CBD effects.


Kannactiv™ is a three-step daily skin care line featuring synergistic CBD/Bi-Bong™ formulas for clear, noticeably clean, even toned, and healthy-looking skin. The Kannactiv™ daily regimen for troubled skin is made of all-natural high-quality formulas designed to provide a healthy-looking complexion. The full Kannactiv™ line is built on three basic steps to gently scrub away dirt, excess oil, and dry, dead skin, tone and balance the skin, and lightly moisturize and protect skin.

For clearer, noticeably clean, even toned, and healthy looking skin, Kannactiv™ is infused with antioxidants found in natural hemp and boosted with proprietary East Asian herbal formulas. These proven Bi-Bong™ formulas and traditional plant-based extracts found in Kannactiv™ have been passed down by revered doctors of East Asia as ideal for troubled skin.


Hempy’s hemp fabric products are perfect for the consumer who is conscious about the environmental impact created during the manufacturing of their everyday goods. Hemp can be grown free of chemicals, keeping contaminants out of the local ecosystem and out of Hempy’s hemp products. Hemp is grown close together, taking much less water than cotton.

Hemp clothing also features a number of advantages for the wearer as well. Hemp fabric has a soft feel and stands up to extensive wear due to hemp’s long, strong fiber structure adding durability. By using responsibly sourced hemp textiles, consumers can support a sustainable supply chain and at the same time experience the many benefits of wearing natural fibers against the skin.

Kannaway® Kannaway® is the first direct marketing company to offer cannabis products to consumers and continues to be an industry leader in the hemp and CBD markets. Kannaway® encourages its