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lassens cbd oil

Lassens cbd oil

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Lassens cbd oil We’re sorry—nothing matched your search terms. Please enter new key words and try again. If you still can’t find what you are seeking, look at past issues, or contact the editor

Lassens cbd oil

Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins SLO

896 Foothill Boulevard
San Luis Obispo CA 93405

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Mar 29, 2021 by Tdawg

Just go in. Don’t do doordash. A $9 wrap will be $12 before taxes. I spent $30 on a wrap and 16oz smoothie. Pretty sure the wrap was pre-made too. Other than that its good.

Feb 03, 2021 by Rachael K

I love Lassens!! Not only do they have a great selection of raw, organic, vegan, and fresh foods- but I can always find new snacks to try. Love their LifeSeasons selection of vitamins & supplements. They carry great brands like Garden of Life & Herb Pharm. The to-go food is amazing, the varieties of chocolates are endless, and they have very knowledgeable staff. Clean & very organized store!

Dec 24, 2020 by Camila dehoy

I shop here all the time but willing to drive extra for Whole Foods now. I called and asked if they had a product, got directed to the vitamin department (north the correct department), the woman told me I called the wrong department and hung up on me. I tried calling back and just got a voicemail. I’ve never dealt with such a blatantly rude customer service rep.

Nov 17, 2020 by Dominique Alexis Valdez

I was really disappointed that the cashier didn’t ask about rewards or if I have a number associated with it, I was looking forward to shopping at Lassens, but the cashier was awkward wasn’t providing information about their rewards or they have a email sign up nothing! Until I ask her to- she wasn’t even happy and shouldn’t be working there if the job is such a drag; not everyone is working so she could of at least be a little happy working

Jul 11, 2020 by Chelsea Malcolm

Wonderful healthy options. It’s really nice to find a place that offers more plant based foods. The prices are a little high but there are enough sales to get a variety of items each week.

Oct 03, 2019 by Judy W.

Ok, first started going here for Bio-K, but quickly found the carrot cake and samosas. geez, food is delicious here, always a clean, stock well rotated (no over ripe, icky looking produce). Impressive selection of health care items! As a former program manager, this is a well run plant. Seems management is very attentive to customers and their needs-staff is amazing, always friendly and helpful. I always look forward to shopping in the SLO Lassens. Thank you all for making it an amazing experience. Last week, I contacted Lassens through Instagram looking for buckwheat honey, insta master contacted the store, had a jar set back for me, I picked it up on Saturday, along w/3 other jars! The checkout associate was amazing n helpful! Lassens Sam Luis Obispo way to go!! You rock! Ok, first started going here for Bio-K, but quickly found the carrot cake and samosas. geez, food is delicious here, always a clean, stock well rotated (no over ripe, icky looking produce). Impressive selection of health care items! As a former program manager, this is a well run plant. Seems management is very attentive to customers and their needs-staff is amazing, always friendly and helpful. I always look forward to shopping in the SLO Lassens. Thank you all for making it a great experience!

Jul 29, 2019 by Cami C.

Ahh Lassens! I love this place. For me, the best part is the food bar! I could live in that food bar. The vegan options are endless and I love how the chefs theme each night to a different cuisine. The smoothies are really good too. In terms of grocery shopping, it’s definitely pricer than I can afford. I’ll buy like 2-3 things there that aren’t at any other stores but other than that, it’s too boujee for its own good. If you go at a busy time, be prepared to wait a little checking out because there’s normally only 1-2 registers open. Other than that, a very bright and relaxing atmosphere. Cashiers are always nice and I’ve met some really interesting people here.

Jul 10, 2019 by britt bea

Love this store. Great options from CBD oil to hot lunch options. Just hope the rumors of it becoming a Trader Joe’s are not true.

Jul 10, 2019 by britt bea

Love this store. Great options from CBD oil to hot lunch options. Just hope the rumors of it becoming a Trader Joe’s are not true.

May 24, 2019 by Lynnette M.

Lassen’s is our go-to spot for fresh organic meat, produce, juices, nuts, grains, spices, kombucha, vitamins, herbs, lotions, makeup, cleaning supplies, you name it. But that’s not all. Toward the back there’s a nice food bar and deli section with a smorgasbord of hot and cold prepared entrees, sides, soups, salad bar, and desserts, all attractively and accessibly laid out, for every preference, taste and diet. Thus, my hubby could enjoy what he wanted – a large serving of turkey chili with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy, while I feasted on a simple meal of my choice – moist lemon herb chicken and asparagus spears. Perfect. On occasion, you may need assistance to find a unique or favorite item. Then again, that’s proven to be a plus because Lassen’s stock and selection is vastly superior to the other area health food store.

May 14, 2019 by David B.

Lassens sells industrial hemp CBD tinctures which is not legal in California. If that was not bad enough, I know that some of their tinctures also have THC which cost a friend of mine her job as a RN. There is a huge mark up on hemp CDB. Profit over people. Shame on Lassens.

May 14, 2019 by Mia S.

The atmosphere in this store is calmimg. Its never super crowded and you are always able to browse the aisles at your leisure. The vegetables and other products are often humanely and locally sourced. Things may be overpriced but its far better to support this local grocer than Jeff Bezos. I wish they had a bigger FRESH fish selection as their frozen fish is not super tasty all the time. They also offer many bulk products and a huge assortment of beverages. The buffet style premade sides are spiritually fulfilling. The store is always clean, well lit and the employees are very nice and able to help with anything you may need. 12/10

May 10, 2019 by Judy W.

Ok, first started going here for Bio-K, but quickly found the carrot cake and samosas. geez, food is delicious here, always a clean, stock well rotated (no over ripe, icky looking produce). Impressive selection of health care items! As a former program manager, this is a well run plant. Seems management is very attentive to customers and their needs-staff is amazing, always friendly and helpful. I always look forward to shopping in the SLO Lassens. Thank you all for making it a great experience!

Apr 23, 2019 by Jenna C.

I love lassens! The hot bar and salad bar are the best I’ve ever had. Better than Whole Foods. The selection is good and my day is made when I get a free sample of local healthy foods. That being said, the prices here are so high! A good portion of dinner from the hot bar is usually $17 or more. But maybe I’m just eating a lot. Either way, I can’t afford to keep this addiction.

Apr 23, 2019 by Clelia O.

I love Lassens so much. The food: so good. The prices: not so much. As a college student, $9.99 per pound of food is atrocious. If prices were lower, or they had student discounts, it would get 5 stars for sure. Everything is always fresh, plus they have tons of vegan options! My days are better when I can eat some healthy Lassens as opposed to gross meal plan food.

Apr 11, 2019 by serum surlacher

Lassen used to be my go to place to buy produce. They are the only market where everything is organic, so you don’t get tricked. And they USED to be the ONLY place where NON of the produce came in PLASTIC. However, it is extremely disappointing that instead of moving forward, they are moving backwards. Since about the last 6 months every time I go, there is more and more plastic. Lassen’s has the potential to lead the way, but is following the lead of Trader Joe’s, that is by far one of the worst markets in terms of plastic waste.

Mar 27, 2019 by Matt S.

Great selection of stuff applicable to the “crunchy” lifestyle. Clean store, tidy aisles – but a bit understaffed. Rotisserie chicken is always a family favorite for those busy nights where you don’t have time. When I ran in here to grab one, I nearly collapsed when I saw the price – $16.99. Hold. The. Phone. $17 for a chicken?! It had better come with a biography and a pre-slaughter video interview to show me just HOW special an existence this bird lived prior to becoming my dinner.

Mar 13, 2019 by Mia Skelton

The atmosphere in this store is calmimg. Its never super crowded and you are always able to browse the aisles at your leisure. The vegetables and other products are often humanely and locally sourced. Things may be overpriced but its far better to support this local grocer than Jeff Bezos. I wish they had a bigger FRESH fish selection as their frozen fish is not super tasty all the time. They also offer many bulk products and a huge assortment of beverages. The buffet style premade sides are spiritually fulfilling. The store is always clean, well lit and the employees are very nice and able to help with anything you may need. 12/10

Mar 13, 2019 by Mia Skelton

The atmosphere in this store is calmimg. Its never super crowded and you are always able to browse the aisles at your leisure. The vegetables and other products are often humanely and locally sourced. Things may be overpriced but its far better to support this local grocer than Jeff Bezos. I wish they had a bigger FRESH fish selection as their frozen fish is not super tasty all the time. They also offer many bulk products and a huge assortment of beverages. The buffet style premade sides are spiritually fulfilling. The store is always clean, well lit and the employees are very nice and able to help with anything you may need. 12/10

Mar 07, 2019 by Aja G.

My FAVORITE hot bar in town! Such great vegetarian options including fake meat and tofu options, as well as good old fashioned veggies. Always something new and flavorful. I don’t shop the grocery items much because they are very pricey, but if you get a chance to try the hot bar for lunch or dinner – do! Also, the made-to-order sandwiches are also killer.

Feb 14, 2019 by Moke Sisha

Was charged $12.00 for a small cup of soup and a large cup of coffee. Over charging the college students living in the dorms perhaps.

Feb 13, 2019 by Moke Sisha

Was charged $12.00 for a cup of soup and a cup of coffee. Over charging the college students living in the dorms perhaps.

Jan 16, 2019 by Carolyn F.

I drive across town for two special things I can only get here. a couple of jars of Mother’s white kimchi (refrigerated) and their deli chicken lime rice soup. It’s a staple and seems to be a fave – does run out. While there, I often discover another thing or two that looks interesting or is on actual sale. Conveniently located next door to Blaze pizza, too! (MMM)

Jan 15, 2019 by David D.

This review is only about the sandwich deli bar. I was supported with my experience by, James at the Deli in SLO. I wasn’t sure what sandwich I really wanted, as I have never had one made at the sandwich bar before. James guided me through my choices for a rainy/cold day. He also suggested to take a taste test of anything at the hot or salad bar. I didn’t even know I could try let alone, Lassens having sample culture. Thanks James, for turning my stomach frown into a crown and especially your reco on the sandwich.

Jan 03, 2019 by Nat L.

Favorite place to shop at in slo. Ive been coming here for almost 3 years – my first year living off campus I used to get salad bar for lunch everyday however it became quite expensive so I’ve held back and limited visits now. Their food is of such high quality – kale from the salad bar is so soft and tender! They are my favorite place to get food from in SLO and have a much better selection than whole foods. The staff is also extremely nice and helpful!

Dec 18, 2018 by Yi Mon A.

It has a great varieties of natural remedies, vitamins and other medicines. I find a lot of interesting items here. A great place to stop by.

Dec 05, 2018 by Caitlin C.

It took 15 minutes to get a juice made, I was the only person that had ordered a juice.

Nov 21, 2018 by Wesley Weisenberger

This is an awesome place to shop, they always have fresh produce and they have pretty much any food you can imagine.

Oct 30, 2018 by Dakota S.

I love Lassens. Their store is much better than the Whole Foods in this area because it’s less expensive and much more organized. Anytime I have asked for help from anyone here at Lassens they have always been an amazing. Today I didn’t see any spinach out so I asked the man who was working in the produce section and he was so incredibly nice and helpful that it actually put me in a really good mood haha!! I’ve had such positive experiences at this store!

Oct 27, 2018 by Dawn G.

Great natural foods grocery store. They carry a lot of the specialty items that I used to think were only available online. The staff are all very helpful and their prices are fair. Not fabulous, probably lower costs online, but very convenient. Also it’s nice to support the local economy.

Sep 20, 2018 by Michael Päßler

Great market for natural food. At the bar you can create your own breakfast/lunch etc.

Sep 13, 2018 by Jessie Bastet

Must be the best Lassens. BIG with not just a salad bar, but banquet tables of fresh fruit, veggies and chicken. Huge variety of products. I discover something new to try nearly every time I shop. There’s a big section for health and beauty products and they often have free samples up front. The deli is top notch with yummy sandwiches and sweets. The store is spotless and always smells good. Staff is very kind and helpful and there’s a family feeling to the atmosphere.

Aug 25, 2018 by Neal Breton

A good selection of produce for a smaller store, prices are at the higher end and if you eat bread, don’t bother shopping for it here as they are almost primarily gluten free. The deli has great veggie and vegan options, but their bakery case is deceptive, a small amount of things made in house, cakes are frozen and delivered. They’re not open on Sunday which isn’t exactly convenient especially if you work during the week, best to go after work or on Saturday. Staff is pretty friendly and helpful.

Aug 25, 2018 by Cynthia R.

I must admit that I stopped coming to this store for a while because the prices seemed to high but mostly because I was constantly disappointed with the food at the hot bar. But the last couple of times I’ve been there I decided to try it again and something has changed!! The quality of the food at the hot bar has gone up! The people that work there now seem kinder as well.I’m not sure what has changed but it is noticeable. Thanks for providing delicious prepared hot food. Whole Foods quality has gone way down and California Fresh is just not so fresh. I’m grateful for this natural food store in our small town.

Aug 03, 2018 by Lauren B.

I am hooked on this place! What healthy items don’t they have? From organic coffees, foods, deli items worth splurging on, cold pressed juices and everything you can imagine that is delicious and good for you including friendly staff! I come all the way from Sacramento for work to SLO and this place is one of the many places I look forward to visiting.

Jul 31, 2018 by Cassie Bondi

I stop here sometimes on my way home from school. They have a lot of good stuff! So many organic and vegan options. They are extremely good for supplements. Very, very extensive selection. They also have a lot of items Whole Foods has, just a but cheaper. They also have a lot of stuff Whole Foods doesn’t have. I have purchased a lot of meatless options here for dinners and also baking supplies for the vegan baking I do for family. Very reasonably priced, especially when shopping sales. I did dock them 1 star because you have to watch the prices of items being scanned like a hawk. I have had items ring up for more than they should, been charged double for items, etc. So just watch the prices and you are good to go! Good store.

Jul 30, 2018 by Lisa G.

Worst experience I have every had visiting a new store. This was my first time going to the Lassens in SLO. I went on my lunch break and was EXTREMLY disappointed by the lack of knowledge and help in general giving by the employees. I will never ever go back there. I have food allergies and I needed specific food items not one of the employees knew were any of the items were and they didn’t offer to ask another employee. Let me just say the items were common too. Like nut butter, bread and so on. I was told I don’t know and then they turned away from me. My friend it allergic to Carrots and I went in looking for parsnips. The white carrots were signed parsnips and I put them in the bag and asked the lady at the register if these were for sure parsnips since I had never purchased them before and I need to be sure. She said no I am pretty sure they are carrots. She asked the produce guy and sure enough they were carrots. If I fed those to my friend she would have been really sick. The guy in produce just said she’s REALLY allergic to carrots. People are allergic to so many things and if you are working at a health food store YOU should know this. This mistake could have cost someone their life. I am beyond upset with Lassens and I will be going back to Whole Foods where they actually care about their customers and their needs.

Jul 24, 2018 by Cami

I love exploring Lassens. High quality produce with lots of vegan and gluten free options. I love their salad bar, deli, and on-tap kombucha. Every time I go in, I find another product that I love and I always feel like I have another reason to come back. It is a very health focused environment. The only drawback is that the prices are kind of up there. While the products are all natural and organic, I have found it to be more expensive than Whole Foods. I try to mainly shop sales when I’m there for this reason. It is a great, local place with a very nice and helpful staff.

Jun 18, 2018 by Cynthia A.

Love this place besides one of the managers I feel like every time I go there which is maybe 3 times a day!! Lol he always give me a weird look so now every time I go I hide from him cause it make me feel uncomfortable one day he even said: you again?? And then he started laughing in a sarcastic way but anyway I can’t stop I won’t stop going to my fave store

May 28, 2018 by Mark F.

For those who like to eat healthy, Lassens is the finest market in town. I also enjoy California Fresh across the street, but Cal Fresh does not have near the organic and healthy food options as does Lassens. I can also make the same comparison to Whole Foods. Lassens has items that you cannot find elsewhere, including at Whole Foods. And also compared to Whole Foods, the hot food and salad bar, juice bar and the deli, are far, far superior. My wife and I eat lunch at Lassens several times a week. As for D.P.’s review from May 24, it’s complete exaggeration. If a line gets more than 2-3 people in it, someone always comes up to open another checkout right away (if you want to see lines, go to Vons!). As for the friendliness of the people, he could not have it more wrong. I find everyone there extremely friendly and helpful. They know many customers by name. The guys at the deli, in particular, are super nice and funny. It’s always a pleasure to talk with them. And D.J.’s comment of “societal degradation” and “the type of people who shop here” is a give-away that he likely prefers the old-style markets like Vons and Ralphs, not these new-fangled health food stores. Thank Goodness Lassens wanted to come to town!

May 24, 2018 by D P.

I’m not sure if it’s societal degradation as a whole, or just the type of people who shop here..but they’re just rude. Often times the lines spike out of control, prompting another cashier to step which case, the cashier usually opens up with “Can I help the next person in line?” What happens next is ridiculous. People will literally dart out of the back of the line to dive onto the counter. The reason I’m giving three stars, is not because the people who shop here are rude..but because the cashiers never enforce actually helping or giving the next person in line the opportunity to actually be’s just whoever decides to sprint past the rest of the line gets helped next. Call me old fashioned, but customer service used to matter..and that is poor customer service, regardless of how pleasant the cashiers are. By all means, they are pleasant and the store is great. So..3 stars. I wouldn’t be posting this is it had occurred once..or twice..but it’s happened a lot, and multiple times very recently which is becoming bothersome.

May 11, 2018 by Issa S.

Best food! The sandwiches are always the best unfortunately, every time I go (which is not very often) it seems like they shrink their food more and more. A sandwich that I could eat half for lunch and half for dinner has shrunk to half the size. But never disappointed with the flavor

Apr 30, 2018 by Rodeo Cowboy

Great vegan selection.

Apr 26, 2018 by Heidi D.

I love everything her. They make me feel good the lady manager is like a life guide. And once my husband shaved and pretty much showered in bathroom so they have nice bathrooms too. Love there drink selection and allergy babies like me options. Always helpful and healthy. I owe them.

Mar 23, 2018 by eve a

Impersonal kinda rude weird energy

Mar 05, 2018 by Luke W.

What do I NOT want to buy here? Sheesh, there are so many things in here I’ve never seen, so many products I am unfamiliar with, and yet when I pick them up to look at them I want to buy them all. Gluten-free burritos? Local sourced raw unfiltered honey!? 12 kinds of rice cakes? The hot food bar? Whale Bird kombucha. Cold brew coffee. Both on tap. every kind of protein bar you can imagine. Bone broths, essential oils, every vitamin and elixir known to man, and all kinds of ice creams and fancy cheeses and yogurts. so so many things. The hot food bar selection as others have said is really good, and the total variety of deli options is fantastic. The employees were all really nice, the store was clean and well organized. I can’t wait to go back and spend more money than I need to!

Mar 01, 2018 by bryan ringer

Great food from the hot bar with daily fresh brewed yerba mate and coffee.

Mar 01, 2018 by John K.

Absolutely in shock that Lassen’s has only 3.5 stars. The hot bar here is far superior to Whole Foods. The selection of health food items as well. My only gripe is that they are closed on Sundays. Very very underrated lunch spot. The hot bar for 9.99/lb is one of the best deals in town. Ingredients always fresh, selection always varied and wide, and store always clean. A welcome addition to the Foothill side of town!

Feb 20, 2018 by Shelby S.

Good range of novel vegan items. On the slightly pricier side, but convenient, and worth supporting!

Feb 19, 2018 by Ryan B.

the salad bar here is sooooo good. love the hot and cold combos , although it does get pricey very fast so be mindful of what u throw in the plastic container ur filling up. tasty food, organic and real, and i could easily spend hours looking at all of the products they have in store.

Jan 17, 2018 by Betty C.

The girl in register 1 tonight working with the glasses and brown hair she does not have good costumer service she is rude and doesn’t say hello or goodbye nothing just gets your money and looks at you rudely shouldn’t have her working there instead she should clean the bathroom with her snobby attitude

Jan 14, 2018 by Rebecca G.

This place is AMAZING. One of the very best health food stores around. I was absolutely amazed at how many wonderful supplements they have in their store to choose from. A full store, full of healthy foods, clean, well organized, full and well stocked, roomy, fresh vegetables, oranics, and a place to buy hot, healthy food to have lunch at. What a store I found, it felt like i had found a goldmine than. we moved out of the area. Unfortunately they do not have one of these stores where we moved but I like this store so much I wrote them letter requesting they consider moving one here. We do have other places here to shop at for quality health foods but lacking in the amount of supplements Lassens has. I can’t with to visit the Central Coast again to go back there and load up! Yes, I am a heath nut and enjoy it! The people working here are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about their store and items in it. Check this place out if you are health conscious and desire a full line of what is out there in the way of Healthy Choices.

Dec 16, 2017 by Don H.

I shopped at Lassen’s for the first time today and was not impressed. WAY over priced and I have a generous budget. If I were looking for something specific, I would come here but I just don’t get paying those prices for organic fruit and veggies when TJs has the same thing for less. Maybe I’m just bitter because I thought I was getting hot wings from the bar, bit into one, and it was some kind of nasty vegetarian spongy mush, goodness gracious I could have cried. I pride myself on having turned a bit crunchy since moving to Cali from another state but honey when I want hot wings I want the real thing not that nasty stuff. The checkout girl lacked personality, I tried to bond with her but couldn’t and I wanted a poinsettia but they were all half dead.

Nov 19, 2017 by Maria Christina V.

I can easily spend $15 on hot food here – someone stop me! The hot food bar is to – die – for! mac and cheese? Yes . every kind of pasta imaginable? yes yes yes. And amazing salads (the one with the apples and dried fruit, feta and walnuts = HEAVEN!) I always pop by here fast before I go to work and Im never disappointed. Its expensive though ($9.99 a pound now I think) and I’ve been told Whole Foods has the same thing and is cheaper. But I’m a true Lassens fan and wont go anywhere else!

Nov 03, 2017 by L S.

Every time I try to call the store to check on an item, the robot says “sorry. no one is available to take your call. What kind of kind of a way is this to run a business!! If I call Whole Foods or The SLO health food store, or Sunshine health food store, I get right through to someone who can help me. To me, it’s like being ignored, and could care less for your business (money). You know, there are many books available about how to run a business and marketing etc., and how to keep your customers HAPPY. Answer the @&$%$ phone! Word of mouth in a small town gets around like wildfire.

Oct 31, 2017 by Mik L.

Nice little market. It has so much packed into a small space. Yes it is a bit pricey but what’s new for for a natural market type place? ( eye roll for those wanting Walmart Winco prices) I did notice as others mentioned that their were outdated products on the shelves ( it seems management had special markdowns on these) but they should move them off the regular space into a discount area. Overall I would go back I’d just check the dates which I do already anyways d next time she I not in a hurry I’ll point out the exp. dates to managers.

Oct 19, 2017 by Gary J.

Stay clear of the salad bar. Second time I found hard boiled eggs with mold on them. Showed them to front counter people with little response. If this is nastiness we can see, what other problems can’t we see?!

Aug 23, 2017 by Maria K.

This place has a good selection of supplements. But. I had a bad experience there. I would like them to know that just because a person looks different doesn’t mean it is a bad person. I didn’t buy anything. Because there was a guy behind me all the time checking what i was doing. Without a discretion. I was looking for something specific i had to read the lables. PLEASE i am a business woman and i know about loss prevention. TRAIN your employees. It is time to educate people. Unless you just want a selected type of customers. Never going to that place.

Jul 31, 2017 by Pixie B.

this lassens has a great selection of items, some that i can’t find anywhere else + come here just to get them, which is awesome, right ? but there is such a weird vibe here . not entirely welcoming and the workers don’t seem very happy to be here or something. it’s just odd. everyone seems a little agro or annoyed or unhappy or overly serious or something. just very impersonable + sterile. almost like their heart just isn’t into it + it’s all about the money. maybe it’s just me but i don’t pick up this vibe at whole foods. weird.

Jul 01, 2017 by Ivy P.

Lots of vegan options and delicious desserts. Great deli, organic produce and products. Health food grocery store.

Jun 13, 2017 by Grace C.

The rest of the store is fine, but I go there specifically for breakfast burritos. I’m writing this review as the rest of my burrito sits on the table awaiting it’s future in the trashcan. The burrito was 80% potatoes and lukewarm, I’m really sad. All I wanted was a solid breakfast burrito with a normal amount of eggs. Won’t be coming back and risking that again.

Jun 04, 2017 by Sharon F.

This is THE PLACE. I had one of their energizing juice drinks and felt the effects immediately. This is a market where you can spend a long time just looking at all they offer. The deli had great salads, sandwiches, smoothies, juices, and luscious desserts. The salad bar surpassed all pf my expectations. A huge variety of salad fixings encompass two large sections of the market.

Jun 01, 2017 by Allan F.

By far the best Lassen’s I have shopped at! Hugh variety of vegan options, including deli that offers hot food and juice bar. Staff was also polite and awake at the wheel. Don’t be a little bitch, go vegan!

Jun 01, 2017 by Linda R.

I don’t think I would shop here, very expensive and very meat and dairy driven. Only found a few vegan options in the deli for lunch. I didn’t like the energy or the feel of this place. Maybe it was the Feng Shui or all the dead animal flesh starring at me. But am glad I took a tour. Whole Foods feels better to me and pricing lower.

May 19, 2017 by John Z.

This place has really good and fresh food. I have only one complaint and that is. The food goes by the pound and its too expensive for my taste. I got two meatballs a small helping of macaroni salad and a regular salad and and orange juice and it cost me $19. That’s a little too much for me for lunch. I could have eaten at Taco Bell three times for that price. Even though the food was great I probably won’t go back only because it’s too expensive

May 12, 2017 by Moon Leaf D.

In my opinion, this is the best health food store because they carry every single item that I love. It’s amazing, miraculous really, a first for any health food store I’ve ever been to. And I love visiting health food stores wherever I travel. Their hot food/salad bar is the best I’ve seen — everything is organic and a lot of gluten-free options. A few negatives I’m going to add to this sparkling review . the music they play is pretty consistently terrible ( only really bothers me when I’m eating outside. also the pizza place next door is playing music too so it’s extra irritating ) and the prices are exorbitant. ( I really hope the staff gets paid well!! ) Still blows away most Whole Foods I’ve been to without a doubt. So happy they really got all my fav products in one store!

Apr 09, 2017 by Monique Rene

The newest Lassens is most definitely the best, you can’t beat the salad bar, the cold food bar has lots of vegan options. The drink selection is fabulous. The wellness and beauty department has so many gems from yoga to all natural cruelty free makeup. Staff is super helpful.

Mar 30, 2017 by Diana H.

It was our first visit at Lassens. I was really impressed with the cleanliness of the store. The cosmetics section and supplements isle were countless. High quality stuff with just right price tag. I loved the hot bar. They had lots of good food for me, which has to be paleo, non gmo and gluten free. They fed me beautifully. 8.99 a pound, same price as competition WF. Lassens food was way better and fresher then the mentioned competition. One let down, they don’t carry Gerolsteiner mineral water. Oh well. Next time in town, we will eat their lunch fare again:)

Mar 17, 2017 by Mary Uebersax

Convenient and not too large. This was good for picnic items and salad bar.

Feb 02, 2017 by Elizabeth M.

I think I am finally getting tired of this store. Today is February 2, and almost every single yoghurt on the shelf has a January expiration date, including one that expired January 20. That is ludicrous. I tried one of their grilled salmon bowls. It must have been sitting so long that the rice was crusted to the bottom of the bowl. The salmon was so overcooked that it was a brick. A bowl of food waste for a paltry 14 dollars. I’m serious Lassen’s, you need to change. Please get someone better to manage your shelves.

Jan 25, 2017 by Daniel C.

I had a breakfast burrito and it was surprisingly very good for only $4.99! I would recommend going here for that but everything else is WAY OVERPRICED.

Jan 22, 2017 by Ted Seeley

Lots of natural / organic foods. Good selection of ready to eat food. Prices are high though.

Jan 15, 2017 by Rhita B.

Best grocery store in SLO. All the good gluten free stuff you can ever want plus amazing produce and prepared foods.

Jan 02, 2017 by Nick S.

Well after 8 yeas shopping at Lassen’s they have reached a new low. With all the Gluten Free bread they carry the only one they choose to serve is one of the worst bread they carry “Rudi’s” it is dry brittle and like eating sawdust. The customer service is wholly lacking and the food prep is horrific. With this beautiful new store in SLO, and they built up enough New clientele that it now doesn’t matter how good of a job they do. I will be happy when California Fresh opens across the street. CF maybe slightly more expensive but their customer service and quality do not waiver. If I am inSanta Maria I will shop at the lassen’s there, but as for SLO they have received my last visit

Dec 16, 2016 by Natasha M.

I like the staff, they are friendly and ask me if I need help finding things. The issues I have are non priced items, difficulty when bringing in own containers when buying bulk items, and packaging. There are way to many items in plastic. I would hope that grocery stores would start leaning more towards paper and glass packaging. Plastic is killing our oceans. It should only be used when there is no other option.

Nov 28, 2016 by Paul Malarik Jr

Overwhelming dumb outdoor seating that few like. see pic. indoor is also like a water torture. Yes, there is the matter of price/quality. but in this weird town of cult-like happiness. ha . ha. it is not so bad. I do like the hot bar. shame on me! 🙂 Nice staff. managers are distant at best. At opening. wow! Now, it seems like. hey, let us make $$$$$$$$$$

Oct 17, 2016 by Miyuki I.

I like this market but I think they should tell their cashiers to ask customers if they need a bag. I remembered that I should probably ask for a bag right after the cashier rung me up and she wasn’t too thrilled when I asked for a bag (“I need to charge you for the bag”). The gentleman behind me offered to pay for it, which I’m extremely grateful for, but all this could have been avoided.

Oct 13, 2016 by Don P.

Great place. If you priority is shopping organic then this is the place. It is expensive but organic food is expensive. What’s the priority? The cashiers for the most part are cordial with a couple of the younger ones friendly and like to converse with you. The older staff are. ok. I have eaten some of the salad bar selections and it was was ok for buffet food. I would recommend this place as a great option to Whole Foods. Price is about the same and Lassens staff is for the most part friendlier.

Sep 16, 2016 by Al V.

I haven’t had a chance to look through the whole store yet, but the hot bar and salad bar rock! I was able to get gluten-free/low carb lunch from the hot bar, and it was a restaurant-quality meal. It’s not cheap, but I didn’t think the price was too high based on the quality of the food.

Sep 16, 2016 by Jake P.

This store rocks. They keep it well stocked and the variety is wonderful. It’s really nice to have a solidly organic, neighborhood style, grocery store. Meat prices are crazy expensive. Staff is only ok.

Sep 14, 2016 by Julia P.

Food bar exceeded my expectations. All organic, wide variety, and also perfectly seasoned/cooked. A little compromise in taste (blandness) for quality is generally okay with me, especially for a hot food bar, but it was truly delicious. I had chili verde chicken, roasted butternut squash, steamed broccolini, and roasted cauliflower. They carry raw milk products as well as organic fresh pressed juices. Grocery items were pricey but that’s to be expected. Staff was very friendly as well.

Aug 29, 2016 by olive f.

The buffet is great and some of the food is okay. Be sure to check the dates on things because sometimes the expiration date is the very next day or that same day. I have also found mold on produce there. I was pretty impressed, but now I don’t really want to go back.

Aug 11, 2016 by Jaeniene B.

Overall pretty happy with this new addition to town. I have Celiac and it’s nice to have some new gluten free options. Staff has always been nice too, never rolling their eyes if you need help. Store always looks great and clean as well. Try the hot or salad bar if you’re in a hurry.

Aug 09, 2016 by Tamarie Rayner

I’m in love with Lassens! I will never go back to Whole Foods. Lassens has brought back what we lost when New Frontiers sold their business. The veggies are fresh, the meat dept is far superior and the food in the deli is delicious. They have every supplement under the sun and a great knowledgeable staff. Highly Recommended!

Jul 30, 2016 by Matt H.

This place is like Whole Foods, but more expensive and with lower quality produce. I only go here if I am in a total rush. Otherwise I go across town to any other grocery store.

Jul 23, 2016 by SloBeauty D.

Overall a good organic grocery store but small & kind of expensive. There’s a cashier that’s a bit rude, didn’t know some of the produce, & does not how to bag groceries, basically just threw everything in without thinking (my Lassens peanut butter was upside-down & partially opened. would have been a mess if I didn’t catch it).

Jul 20, 2016 by Heather J.

I made my way over to the hot bar today. In a sentence, can you say organic, gluten free, non-GMO options, options, options! Nutritious fast food is now possible! Who woulda thunk it?

Jul 09, 2016 by Wendy C.

Supplement staff very uninformed, vitamin and supplement section, makes no sense in the way it’s set up. Staff couldn’t even look up what I wanted. I couldn’t find anything way to confusing. I will give it one more try .

Jul 08, 2016 by Ton K.

It’s nice to finally have a store in the neighborhood but it is pricey just like Whole Foods. Some items are even more expensive. Their roasted half chicken cost the same for a whole chicken at WF. Their hot food bar is a step above WF as they change the menu every day of the week. Not much of a selection of produce. It’s not very fresh because it doesn’t sell. I bought some whole bean coffee that I really liked but after they ran out, they did no restock it. I pretty much just go there for the convenience but mostly shop in other stores to get what I need and save money.

Jul 06, 2016 by Mary G.

Today was my first visit to the SLO store and I’m so happy they are finally in town! Lassens has an excellent selection of food and health products. The hot and cold food buffet is amazing! It’s available for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Such a diverse selection! Everyday the buffet has a theme, today was Asian food. They also have a large, fresh salad bar, in addition to various other random dishes. You must give the buffet a try! Seriously! It’s probably one of healthiest places to eat in town! The grocery store section carries raw food products: milk, cheese, garlic spreads, desserts, etc! Lots of organic and healthy choices! Fresh juice and smoothies made to order! The service is great! Everyone is very helpful. They will order a product for you if they don’t carry it. Overall my experience was a very positive one! I look forward to shopping there from now on! Update June 6: I’ve had some time to spend at Lassen’s and sadly I have to say that many of their products (the ones not on sale) are MORE expensive than Whole Foods. I’ve even found products up to a dollar more, and almost $2 more than Trader Joe’s. They have never followed up on anything that I’ve special ordered. The buffet is still pretty good, better than Whole Foods (in quality and taste). I’m just so disappointed in the greed when it comes to pricing.

Jul 05, 2016 by Meg C.

Might end up being 5 stars for me, lots of appealing things I need or want, most of which I currently buy at Whole Foods. People really friendly, want to be helpful.

Jul 03, 2016 by SLO L.

I’d like an alternative to the lame Whole Foods on LOVR, and the place looks nice enough and triggers nostalgia being in the old New Frontiers spot, but unfortunately ownership donated tens of thousands of dollars supporting Prop 8 so I won’t be supporting their local branch.

Jul 02, 2016 by Jennifer L.

Nice selection, but watch when they ring up your bulk items. I’ve never been charged properly. 🙁

Jun 30, 2016 by E N.

I thought this store was going to be a great option for those quick run in and run out days. I was wrong. I really don’t like how tall the shelving is. the produce is null and void. I got to check out and ohhhhhhh man I understand all natural but the young man could’ve done a little more to help his hygiene; not to mention conversation was left out of the check out. I was not impressed with the prices but if I only need one or two items I not stressed. I just know I don’t do big shopping

Jun 29, 2016 by Erin P.

Their deli section is great for lunch but overall prices are higher than any other grocery besides Whole Foods. Unless you need a specific thing a regular store doesn’t carry, it is a waste. 3 stars mainly because they are CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. This is a huge grocery shopping day. A real grocery store would be open everyday.

Jun 28, 2016 by Kate K.

Oh Lassens, what a perfectly clean, somewhat organized, and wide aisled store you now have in SLO! Dr. Bronner’s items 30% off? Thank you! Why couldn’t I find peppermint oil I do not know. I saw a group of employees in the natural beauty care aisle, but didn’t want to bother them with something so meaningless as my peppermint oil. Besides, their “water cooler” gossip session was more fascinating and interesting for me to listen to anyway as I browsed face creams. Since I work in SLO, Lassens will see a little bit of me on occasion.

Jun 01, 2016 by Wayne S.

Friendly people. Great variety of healthy items. Try their Happy Cocoa drink at the deli. it is delicious! Used to drive to Santa Maria to buy it, but now I can have it daily right here in SLO.

May 09, 2016 by Evan D.

The short answer is I’m in love. This Lassens (and I say “this” because there are other stores which are probably also bowing down to this great flagship representation of the Lassens brand) will make any food conscience human drop to their knees and rejoice. —the gory below— There are times my friends when I just get too busy to cook for myself and when that occurs I’m left with the often pitiful challenge of finding something fast and satisfying all the time knowing that nine times out of ten, it is going to pull in the opposite direction of health. To have a reliable place where I can enter blindly and KNOW there are going to be options balanced with great veggies and an amazing rotating hot bar is literally life changing for me! Anyone who remembers the very short halcyon days of New Frontiers (only to be bullied out by the now heavily ironic Whole Foods) will breathe a huge sigh of relief to know that those ethics of quality, focus on ingredients and love to each dish have been re-born back into the community. So yes, while the grocery options are golden (and I’ll let some other reviewer wail away there), for me, it’s all about the hot bar, the salad bar and the amazing, amazing deli counter that showcases vegan/meat items that will turn even the coldest cynic into at least a part-time believer in the “idea” of vegan food. Best of all, they let you be the judge with free taste tests. Vegan or not, delicious is delicious no matter what other tag-lines they carry. Now ladies and gentleman, I’m NOT a vegan. I do still love meat, but, if you put worthy options in front of me, I do not mind eating vegan — in fact, I enjoy it! Even the heaviest reuben sandwich they make tastes great and somehow sits well. Go fig? I just had the indian food and I’m speechless (well, maybe not but). They combined a Molé with Channa Masala and I might have found god. By far healthier and better quality than a few dedicated Indian restaurants I could mention in town. Joy be to this rekindled love that was lost when Frontiers went dark! What else? Once again, I can rely on a store to do things beyond expectation. The dolmas are better than some I have eaten in super real deal middle eastern establishments you can’t even find in the US. The deserts are all a small slice of well loved goodness without Lassens needing to set up gaudy pastry forts of hollow caloric temptation adjacent to the checkout counters. The smoothies are amazing, totally worth a try as are the extended selections of some of my favorite brands such as “Harmless Harvest.” No alcohol? No problem. It’s not as though I’m having a hard time finding good wine or craft beer in SLO what’s more, I don’t want beer or wine in a healthy store because it defeats the purpose taking up space where other healthy items could rightly be. In conclusion, it seems so minor, something as trivial as a grocery store, but if you really think about it, a good grocery store can drastically change the quality of one’s life. This is that store. PS Sorry I forgot to mention that everyone who works at Lassens has been awesome and seemingly just as excited to be there as I am. Long live Lassens (just don’t forget to give the co-op some love too because they’re good people and the OG’s of it all!). -Evan

May 09, 2016 by Paul M.

“Make everyday a hump day”;CAMEL [email protected] “only” $19.99 a pint 🙂 so with that & more I conclude —


but with a great HOT BAR & STAFF

The longer version of my review: After I overcame my initial STICKER SHOCK.. FROZEN CAMEL MILK that costs as much as cheap Caviar. but that is OK, since a quick review of my pic shows that it is made in the USA! Just imagine if you had to apply for a job for this company.. [Interviewer: “Greatings Esteemed Candidate . how much humping have you had &/or milking Camels & other humped / non-humped creatures? Me: “Oh, plenty! Back in ole Slovakia, my Russian comrades had me humping & milking all kinds of things & ways. It was that, or get shot, or drink a cup of spoiled Camel Milk, or go to the Gulag*. Interviewer: “Great! When can you start humping?”]

Anyway, back to the story. I must have spent at least an hour humping around the store and checking out the rich Cal Poly Co-ed’s. errr. sorry Freudian slip. the stores extensive selection & prices. Much was not exactly cheap & a full cart of this stuff could require extra humping work (rather similar to the now infamous Whole Paycheck on the other side of town, where with my typical full cart selection of 12 bottles of vino ( 20% off), some Perogies, Cold-cuts, Stinky expensive cheeses, Duck Eggs, Probiotics. could run close to $500 ), but if you looked, there was a fair amount that was BOTH CHEAPER & more practical than Frozen Camel’s Milk (e.g. Fresh Organic Veges/ Fruits, Fish, Yogurt, but not Camel’s Milk nor alcohol). What ultimately endeared me to this place had, was not humping (note: Origin: likely derived in the 18th Century from Low German & Dutch ), but how tasty & creative the food is here, and the manager/staff. The manager was really super-nice, helpful, & had a philosophy more in keeping with our old “New Frontiers” (which was bought by Whole Paycheck). Indeed, they have even hired some of the old staff from NF & it shows. The manager was friendly to all. He was enthusiastic about explaining the various selections that they had to offer & that they could honor special requests. like preparing sealed seafood to a specific size. BTW- While they do not have a seafood bar, the seafood looked fresh, was wild, generally not defrosted, & cost far less than WFs. The manager & workers took pride in explaining how the selection of the hot bar changed theme everyday and everything was made in house, not like WF. I hit the store after it was opened a week & even though they were fine tuning everything, the hot food bar Asian theme selections (not to be confused with Hot Asian Theme Bars that served food, like in Hawaii ) were quite tasty. Since everything looked great, I took it upon myself to try a little bit of almost everything & proceeded to fill to the brim a large container with all sorts of goodies. It was over a pound of yummy treats! It was sure to impress the zillions (OK. one) of Co-eds who had already made goo-goo eyes at me, or was it a contact lens mishap? While not really authentic, the “Asian” food apparently was made with excellent fresh ingredients & all the meats were tender & juicy. Even though the Beef & Broccoli’s sauce could use some work, the beef was outstandingly tender & flavorful. The same could be said about the Teriyaki Chicken, as well as, other dishes made with that excellent, savory, tender, & moist chicken. There was only one version of chicken that was not to my liking. it was some type of “coated” variant. While the proteins at WF’s hot bar are generally overdone & tough, they were the complete opposite here at Lassen’s. One selection was better than the next. The Veges that I had were also a pleasant surprise. The snapped pea greens had real snap. The Butternut squash was buttery tender & sweet. Only the potato wedge was kind of limp, but the fantastic crispy Brocollini & the Mac & Cheese more than made up for it. Even though these stores are individually owned, I was not sure if the manager was also the owner, but he sure acted like one who takes great pride. Fortunately for me, this new place is right down the road from my job & I am very likely to make many a pit stop. The ethanol free bars are that good! During these visits, I am sure to pick up some staples, like milk & stuff on-sale. I already fell prey to the sale on all kinds of flavors of Kettle Chips (i.e. Cheddar/Beer) I am also likely to try the Camel’s Milk! * From Wikipedia & for inquiring Yelp minds: ” “GULAG” was the acronym for (Glavnoye upravleniye lagerey), the “Main Camp Administration”. It was the short form of the official name – (Glavnoye upravleniye ispravityelno-trudovykh lagerey i koloniy), the “Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Labor Settlements”.”

Apr 29, 2016 by Mackenzie C.

May be on the expensive side for some items but for the most part everything is well priced for what you’re getting! So many options for those with dietary restrictions, plus a huge salad bar and made fresh smoothies and juices. It was a health foodie wonderland.

Apr 29, 2016 by Alyssa W.

It’s about time a (healthy) grocery store is located near cal poly campus! As someone who is gluten free and lives off of foothill, I am so so so impressed with lassen’s. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with positivity and there was always someone there to help me find what I need. This place has everything: organic produce, gluten-free food, vegan options, kombucha, Yerba maté, a cold and hot food buffet, and ready to eat meals. Pretty much a mini Whole Foods at more affordable price, and in a better location. I could not be more thrilled!

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