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onyx cbd oil


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ECODRIP Onyx Bottle

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Eco Sciences Onyx is a vegan, non-GMO hemp oil additive that is conveniently designed to mix. Each bottle contains around 1,000mg of full spectrum, lab tested hemp extract which includes about 160-180mg of CBD in addition to other phytocannabinoids. It is blended with USP Kosher propylene glycol as well as USP Kosher vegetable glycerin and it also has naturally occurring terpenes. It is beverage friendly and can also be taken as a sublingual which makes it easy to access throughout the day.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

Additional information

Full Spectrum, PG, VG

3-10 Drops under tongue as needed

35 reviews for ECODRIP Onyx

Angela – April 2, 2021

great product and great price

Christi Stewart – January 22, 2021

I switched from vaping this product to using it sublingually recently and in all honesty, sublingual is the better path for health reasons and it works just as good, if not better for me. Only thing you have to remember is to leave it under your tongue for as long as you can then swish it around in your mouth for a bit and then swallow. I started out leaving it under my tongue for 2 minutes, then for 4-5 minutes before swishing it. Yes, it doesn’t taste very good, but the bottom line is it starts working within 15 minutes and if you do the swish thing and don’t drink anything until 10 minutes after you start, it has the full effect, at least for me it does. I have anxiety and have trouble sleeping sometimes and it always helps greatly.

Jeffery Anderson – December 18, 2020

All the product was oxidized and dark brown, which means an old product. Won’t be buying again.

Stephen – October 26, 2020

Very small product for the price, sweet tasting.

Jessica – August 10, 2020

Love this CBD product, I am achy if I miss a day

Roxy White – August 9, 2020

Anna S – July 20, 2020

Great company, great product, great prices!

Heidi Hambrick – June 22, 2020

There’s other products out there but for way higher prices. I know this one works for me on several levels and it’s very affordable, so I won’t even take a chance trying any of the others. Plus it can be added to my vape, where others cannot.

Medgar Woods – June 19, 2020

Kathleen McAlpine – June 13, 2020

Richard Phannestill – June 12, 2020

Anna S – June 5, 2020

Fantastic! It is a big help to us in dealing with our arthritis pain.

Cheyanne Trivitt – May 25, 2020

Absolutely worth spending a few extra dollars for the ONYX

Roxy White – May 23, 2020

Anna S – May 21, 2020

Love the company and they have great product, great prices, and very sweet customer service person!

Bethline Loftis – May 4, 2020

Love that it helps.

Jessica – April 28, 2020

I just love this CBD, I have told so many people about it!!

Roxy White – April 11, 2020

Excellent product and fast shipping

Christi Stewart – March 28, 2020

I use this in vape form, without tobacco, and it honestly helps me stay calm and helps me sleep at night.

Bethline Loftis – March 27, 2020

Helps my husband to rest at night.

Cheree – March 9, 2020

I love this product!

Gary Smith – February 28, 2020

Love the product. Helps with multiple issues I have. Highly recommended. I rated it a little less on quality due to the darkness and bad taste at times. Was due to hemp being wet I was told but still works good

Geeyo Mralles – February 21, 2020

This product is excellent ive had no success with cbd in the past but this product actually alleviates my clinical insomnia I used to stay up days at a time now i hardly do. Also i had a problem with one of the bottles it was like it was pressurized and just spilled all over my table but ecosciences sent me a bottle today after i emailed the company….best product and customer supoort ever

Jessica – January 12, 2020

For the price, you can’t get a more quality CBD oil. This has taken my foot pain away and I’m a avid runner and triathlete. Highly recommend!

Jessica – December 24, 2019

I absolutely love this CBD oil! I have tried others, and this one is what works for me!! I have struggled with foot pain from running and this takes my pain completely away. ) For the money, hands down, the best!

Toni – December 20, 2019

Always fast shipping and great products !! Have been using the Platinum ecodrip for awhile now and decided to give this one a try. So glad I Did! It helps so much with my anxiety as well as sleep at night. Adding it with my liquid in my vape, it last all day. Love every product I’ve tried so far!!

Toni – December 18, 2019

Has helped so much with my anxiety !! Haven’t taken it orally so can’t comment on taste but adding a full dropper to my vape has lasted me all day and helps right away. I always purchased the Platinum and decided to try this one since its a better value and stronger and I’m so glad I did. They both work wonders though.

Cheree – December 17, 2019

Jeff Gunning – October 16, 2019

Good product, but pricey! Would like to see a drop in the price and I’d order a lot more.

Terry – December 9, 2018

Great company to deal with. Customer service is excellent! Easy and fast ordering, and best price I could find for product as described… I will be a repeat customer!

AMY – November 25, 2017

I had a very serious car accident a couple years ago and I still suffer chronic pain from a neck and pelvic fracture (among other more minor injuries by comparison). I can’t imagine a life ruled by narcotic pain medications and this ECODRIP has been really amazing aid in avoiding that. I already vape so I just added this to my favorite juices. You can taste it a little but it’s totally worth the relief. It’s expensive for me as a student but I’ve made this CBD a kind of priority in my monthly budget! Totally worth every penny.

Jeremy Reyes – July 30, 2017

I started using ECODRIP as an experiment to week myself off my ADHD medicine. At first I was skeptical but a friend of mine suggested I try it as an alternative to those meds, and it’s been nothing but amazing since I started using it. ECODRIP oil has helped me ween myself off those meds and I now use this as my alternative and it’s been life changing. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s felt like medicine is the only option, try this product and see for yourself.

Cheree Smith – July 12, 2017

This product is great. The longer I take it, the better I feel!

Rachel Weaver – March 3, 2017

I had a herniated disc that was improperly treated and eventually healed but has left me with permanent sciatica that I dealt with constantly, though it especially kept me from walking any length of time/distance. While this stuff is no doubt great for other uses, I can say with 100% certainty that this product has let me live my life again, almost entirely pain free from remnant inflammation in my back and legs. As long as I’m vaping this stuff regularly, I can get on with my day. I tried another brand and it couldn’t even come close to the quality this stuff is and what it did for me. The ONLY downside is the taste, which is something like a rotting vegetation stew liquid. Get a really sweet or otherwise overpowering flavor juice to mix it in and it’s all good though.

Susie Burrell – November 1, 2016

This is a wonderful product. If you have any aches and pains, this is your go to fix.

ECODRIP Onyx additive is a full spectrum CBD rich extract with PG and VG. This is our highest strength additive.

Onyx and Rose CBD

onyx and rose review and coupon code

Can Onyx & Rose Improve Your Health?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, put on muscle, run a faster marathon, or simply enjoy an active lifestyle, we all want quick results.

That’s why the market is brimming with pills, patches, and creams with ridiculous promises like Lose 30 Pounds In 30 Days! or Get Rock-Hard Abs Without Leaving Your Couch!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The old adage “no pain, no gain” exists for a reason, and we all know anything worth having requires some work.

But while there’s no such thing as a magic pill, there are all-natural ways to minimize pain while maximizing the work you put in, and that’s where CBD comes in.

onyx and rose cbd oil watermelon

See More at

Onyx and Rose CBD Gives You More Bang For Your Buck

CBD interacts with receptors in our bodies to produce an incredible array of benefits, including pain relief, reduced inflammation, decreased anxiety, and more restorative sleep.

As a longtime runner and cyclist, I not only use Onyx and Rose before I hit the trails to enhance my mood and focus but also afterwards to jumpstart the recovery process and fight inflammation.

Now instead of feeling totally crippled days after a hard workout, I feel fresh, spry, and ready to do it again.

Not just that, but because Onyx and Rose helps keep my energy levels up and my stress levels down, I feel more motivated to get out the door (especially after long days when collapsing in front of the TV can be tempting).

onyx and rose coupon code

Video: Three Things I Love and One Thing I Hate About Onyx And Rose

What You Really Need To Know About Onyx And Rose

Here’s the deal:

After giving me the ability to reap the benefits of exercise quicker and get back to enjoying an active lifestyle, I want everyone to know about Onyx and Rose’s high-quality products.

Whether you’re interested in taking CBD for pain, anxiety, insomnia, or exercise performance and recovery, Onyx and Rose CBD products are gentle enough to be used daily while strong enough to maintain long-term balance for the body and mind.

From their fast-acting broad-spectrum hemp oil to their incredibly convenient CBD capsules, Onyx and Rose offers products that will make you feel like a brand new person – but more on that in a minute.

onyx and rose cbd oils

Why People Are Adding CBD To Their Fitness Regimen

Strenuous exercise can put your muscles and joints under a great deal of stress, and this results in pain and inflammation. While some soreness is natural when it comes to an active lifestyle, adding CBD oil to your post-workout routine can significantly reduce inflammation.

How Does CBD Reduce Inflammation And Accelerate Recovery?

The endocannabinoid system uses cannabinoid receptors throughout the body to help regulate various bodily functions including sleep, immune response, and pain.

One of the main ways CBD helps in relieving pain is by preserving anandamide, a cannabinoid that naturally occurs in our body where it plays a large part in regulating our mood, memory, appetite, inflammation, and pain.

However, it’s easy for our bodies to become anandamide-deficient as the compound takes little time to break down, and this deficiency can cause chronic pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, and a number of other ailments.

onyx and rose cbd pure bloom oil color

That’s why CBD is pivotal to recovery.

When CBD enters the body, it slows down the absorption of anandamide by binding to the proteins that break down the molecule.

This ensures it stays in the system longer, which allows the endocannabinoid system to regulate more efficiently to reduce inflammation and spur on recovery.

But that’s not all.

onyx and rose cbd pure bloom oil mint

CBD Boosts Fat Loss And Muscle Growth

Unlike the dizzying array of synthetic products on the market that claim to burn fat magically by overriding your body’s natural processes, CBD consists of simple plant compounds that work with your body – not against it.

So how does this work?

During a strenuous workout, your body produces the stress hormone “cortisol,” a catabolic hormone that works to reduce protein synthesis and prevent new tissue growth.

onyx and rose cbd pure bloom oil

This means a large release of cortisol following a hard workout can actually stop muscle regeneration and even increase fat storage.

Enter CBD.

As an anti-catabolic , CBD helps regulate how much cortisol is released into the system, and this not only allows for greater protein synthesis and tissue growth but also facilitates better fat burn.

onyx and rose cbd products

Which Onyx and Rose Products Are Right For You?

Whether you’re looking for a product to boost exercise performance and recovery, alleviate acute or chronic pain, or reduce anxiety and stress, Onyx and Rose has a product you’ll love.

Onyx and Rose CBD Tinctures Zap Away Pain And Inflammation

If you’re searching for the best CBD to add to your post-workout or pain management routine, look no further than Onyx and Rose.

Their CBD oils come in two varieties, including their Full Spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum CBD.

The full spectrum tincture is made up of all major and minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes naturally found in the hemp plant to create the desired “ entourage effect ” for maximum efficacy.

This includes phytocannabinoids like THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, and of course CBD.

The broad spectrum oil, on the other hand, contains zero THC , making it the perfect alternative for those who wish to avoid even trace amounts of THC in their system.

onyx and rose broad spectrum cbd oil color

Powerful Effects, Subtle Taste

No matter which you choose, both the broad and full spectrum tinctures boast a substantial 17 mg cannabidiol per 1 ml to provide lightning-fast effects and then keep them coming for hours.

And don’t worry – while these tinctures are strong in concentration, this has absolutely no impact on their flavor.

Thanks to the additions of MCT oil and peppermint oil, both tinctures have an incredibly light and refreshing flavor that makes them perfect to take sublingually or in your favorite beverage.

And as with all of their other products, Onyx and Rose’s tinctures undergo rigorous third-party lab testing with results right on their website so you know exactly what you’re getting in each bottle. See for yourself!

Lab Test Results Look Great

onyx and rose lab results

Onyx and Rose Full Spectrum CBD Capsules Offer Powerful, On-The-Go Effects

In addition to their tinctures, Onyx and Rose offers their full spectrum tincture in 10 mg and 25 mg capsules that are not only super convenient but also incredibly versatile. Here are just a few ways to enjoy Onyx and Rose’s CBD capsules:

  • Train hard and recover faster
  • Reduce your inflammation to restore mobility
  • Reduce stress and improve your mood
  • Support your health and well-being, and promote balance in your life

Not just that, but Onyx and Rose’s special microemulsion techniques give their capsules an absorption rate that’s 4 times better than oils from other leading brands! This means you’re not sacrificing results for convenience.

onyx and rose cbd capsules

Revitalizing, Luxurious Topicals Help You Relax And Recover

Skip the spa and treat yourself to Onyx and Rose’s CBD balm and bath bombs!

I’ve gone through a lot of CBD balms looking for ways to relieve post-workout muscle soreness, and not a single one has smelled or worked as great as Onyx and Rose’s CBD balm.

Made with all-natural beeswax and a blend of eucalyptus and lavender essential oils, Onyx and Rose’s 500mg CBD Balm goes on smooth and lasts for hours.

onyx and rose cbd bliss balm

Click On The Link And Learn Which Onyx and Rose Product Is Right For You

And if you’re experiencing pain and inflammation or you need to unwind after a long day, I can’t recommend Onyx and Rose’s bath bombs enough.

These cute and colorful little bath bombs come packed with a unique blend of essential oils as well as soft and subtle floral notes to help you soak away your stress and pain.

In addition to 35 mg of CBD, these bath bombs are formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe sore muscles as well as healing components like kaolin clay to pamper your skin.

This means you’re conditioning your skin AND helping your body recover – all while relaxing in a nice hot bath.

onyx and rose cbd bath bomb

onyx and rose coupon code

Bottom Line:

Onyx and Rose products are made of only the highest-quality, American-grown organic hemp and formulated to help you live your life to the fullest.

If you want to extract the most from your exercise and help your body achieve optimal health and balance, look no further than Onyx and Rose.

Thinking about trying Onyx and Rose CBD? Check out this full 2021 review of Onyx and Rose CBD that includes photos, videos, lab results, and coupon code.