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spruce cbd oil reviews

Spruce CBD Oil Review

Spruce CBD is a family-owned company that has been overshadowing the CBD market in only two years of existence. The company prides itself on quality, high potency CBD that delivers results and peace of mind with sustainably sourced products. With middle-of-the-road prices and attentive customer service, Spruce is a top contender for CBD oils.

Our Rating:
  • High Potency options
  • Sustainably sourced, lab grade, organic, vegan, and gluten free
  • A family-owned business with quality customer service
  • Only one flavor option, only available in one size
  • No international shipping
  • No lower potency options
Our Verdict

Serious CBD users should take note of Spruce CBD for its effective results, high potency, organic ingredients, and lab-grade products. The company strives for no-frills, just quality. Its commitment to simple, honest products shines through unflavored and peppermint CBD oils for humans and dogs. Anyone in the USA can purchase Spruce CBD oils with free shipping, and it won’t break the bank.

CBD Oil Tincture

Best for Everyday Use

Spruce’s CBD oil tincture is one of the most popular CBD products on the market right now. With the options of 2,400 mg and 750 mg in potency, you can find a dosage that works best for your tolerance and needs. Spruce also offers peace of mind that you’re using a high-quality product since the oils are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and third-party lab tested.

The two different dosages make Spruce’s CBD oil an excellent choice for everyday use, and the simplistic product line mirrors their goal for efficiency. The price of their oil is about average for the market, plus you get free shipping on all US orders. The materials, potency, and quality of Spruce’s CBD oil tincture make it a great option.

About Spruce CBD

Spruce CBD began in 2018 and continues to be a family-run business. Founder, Tony Spencer, created Spruce in North Carolina as a means of providing high-quality CBD oils and topical products. While noticing customers’ big desire for CBD options, yet inconsistency in quality, Spencer sought out to sell lab-grade, organically sourced CBD products that were also effective.

In addition to oils, Spruce also sells its popular 750 mg CBD oil tincture for dogs, made special to appeal to our canine friends. CannaHealth even recognized Spruce as providing one of the best CBD oil tinctures for 2019.

Price Options

$39 for 750mg $269 for 2,400mg Max Potency

Bottle Size
Strength/Potency Options

25 mg and 80 mg per serving

Suggested Dosage

1 full dropper twice per day

Top Features

Vegan, gluten-free, organic, full-spectrum, and third-party lab tested

Customer Service and Reviews

An overwhelming majority of customers agree that Spruce’s CBD oils are useful and worth the purchase compared to other competitors. Many customers have commented that they receive their orders promptly (2-4 business days), and the free shipping option is a great incentive. Spruce also ships to all 50 US states. There is also a fair return policy, as you can return items for a full refund within 30 days. Your first return can also include an open and used product, but future standard delivery returns must be unopened and in its original packaging. It’s a slight inconvenience that the customer has to pay for the return shipping, but customers are typically satisfied with the products. Spruce responds directly to customer reviews, and those who were dissatisfied were met with an effort to solve their issue through refunds or exchanges. The company even responds to positive reviews, and multiple reviews sharing heartfelt or life-changing stories had responses from Spruce that shared that the company sent free products to these customers as a thank you.




The cost of Spruce’s CBD oils is middle-of-the-road compared to other brands. Since they only offer two choices with high potency, the $89 and $269 price points are rather fair for the quality. Many other companies price their full-spectrum 750mg CBD oils around the same as Spruce or higher. The company also offers a Subscribe and Save option that discounts 15% off the regular price, and the free shipping reduces costs as well.


Spruce offers lab-grade CBD with third-party lab testing. The company shares its lab results online for all of its CBD products, so customers know they’re buying a pure, third-party tested product. Their lab results show that their CBD oils are free of pesticides, contain no heavy metals, and no biotoxins. Product labels are also transparent about the correct dosage and amount of CBD contained in each bottle. With Spruce’s high potency CBD and its emphasis on effective results, they don’t offer a flavor for their 2,400 mg CBD oil as it would make it less potent. The 750 mg CBD oil is a natural peppermint flavor. Most customers shared that the flavor is easy to ingest, but it may be inconvenient to purchase the high potency to receive an unflavored option. The packaging is also aesthetically modern and whimsical. Spruce’s CBD is sourced from two family-owned farms in Kentucky and North Carolina, both sustainably sourced.

Does Spruce CBD offer coupons or discounts?

Spruce offers a Subscribe and Save option to save 15% off orders, and they also offer free shipping. Further discounts have been provided by customer service to extend a resolution to any issues with products or complaints.

Can I buy Spruce CBD near me?

Spruce CBD products can only be purchased with online retailers. No matter where you are, Spruce will ship free within the US, and you should get your product within 2-4 business days.

Using CBD Oil

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular for its effectiveness in temporarily treating several medical symptoms. Many CBD users share that it has helped with relieving migraines, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation. Many are finding CBD a useful and natural alternative to other medicines. With a variety of uses, CBD oils can be taken on its own and mixed with other liquids. As CBD becomes more regulated, it will be more transparent as to the quality and benefits of using CBD.


With so many CBD brands and products on the market these days, it can be challenging to narrow down a quality CBD oil that’s right for you. Spruce CBD oils are effective, sustainably sourced, and backed by an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. If you’re having a difficult time finding a CBD oil that works, it may be time to believe the hype and try Spruce.

CBD Oil is a holistic way to help ease different ailments in the body. Read our review on the CBD brand Spruce to see if it's right for you.

750mg Lab Grade CBD Oil

Availability: In stock

🇺🇸 Ships from Sanitized US Facility. Made in USA.


Contains 25mg of full spectrum CBD per dropper full (1ml)
Peppermint flavor
Cap includes a graduated dropper to ensure accurate serving size.
🌱 Organic
Vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.
Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Natural Flavors.
Proudly Made in the USA by a family business.
Ships to all 50 States.

Note: You should not take this product if you are subjected to drug testing. Even though it only contains 0.3% THC there is a chance you may test positive for marijuana

Customer Reviews

I’ve been taking CBD for years. The extra strength version of Spruce is the most effective formulation I’ve taken for ***, ***, and sleep issues. The taste isn’t too bad, and the effects are noticeable. Highly recommended. If I’m feeling very stressed, I use it an hour or so before I’m going to meditate and I find that it helps me cut out distractions and focus on my breathing and clearing my mind. If I can tell I’m restless, and not going to be able to go to sleep anytime soon when it’s getting late, a half dropper under the tongue for 90 seconds or so makes a world of difference. This is a great product/formulation.

The insertion of *** indicate we’ve had to censor any mentions of health conditions in order to comply with FDA regulations.

Disclosure: As a gesture of gratitude we sent some free product for sharing his story with us. – Tony

I can’t thank you enough for creating this amazing product! (750mg CBD oil). Within hours of taking my first dose, I felt incredible relief from the *** that’s been crippling my *** for years. The flavor is delicious, the packaging is lovely and the impact this has made on my life is tremendous. I can’t sing the praises of this product to my family and friends enough!

The insertion of *** indicate we’ve had to censor any mentions of health conditions in order to comply with FDA regulations.

Disclosure: As a gesture of gratitude we sent Teresa some free product for sharing her Spruce experience. Thank you very much Teresa. – Tony

I was just recently diagnosed with hip *** and having a hard time managing my ***. I was offered a cortisone injection, which I declined, and NSAIDS for *** relief. After a couple weeks on ibuprofen my stomach started hurting and I knew I needed to stop taking it. I tried a few other CBD brands and they did give me some *** relief but it was not long lasting. I then tried the Spruce 750 mg CBD oil and it really helped reduce my *** significantly and was more long lasting relief than other CBD brands. Their customer service is also pretty great. They seem to always be available to answer my questions and get back to me within minutes. I’d highly recommend Spruce CBD oil for *** relief and ***. I’ve been able to completely get off the ibuprofen which is exactly what I needed to. I’m happy to have found Spruce!

The insertion of *** indicate we’ve had to censor any mentions of health conditions in order to comply with FDA regulations.

Disclosure: As a gesture of gratitude we sent Michelle some free product for sharing her story with us. – Tony

“I am so happy I found this company that manufactures high quality cbd oil. Everyday my mom is in a lot of *** due to a compressed *** on her ***. She has gone thru a number of medical procedure but with very poor results. Now all her specialist Doctors has run out of solutions. The *** medication the doctors prescribed has made her so confused that she can’t even tell morning from night. So I went searching for alternative and stumble upon this products. After taking this only for one week, she regain her alertness and begin to be herself again. Most of the *** are gone. When we brought her for regular checkup with her *** specialist, her condition has improved a lot too. The doctors is shocked and we are shocked at her *** *** reading. Although the doc didn’t believe it but we knew it’s the cbd oil that’s working like magic becos we didn’t do anything else for her. She eat and drink the same and taking the same medicine. The only thing extra was the cbd oil she is taking.

So I recommend anyone who has severe *** and *** to take this product from spruce.”

750mg Lab Grade CBD Oil Availability: In stock 🇺🇸 Ships from Sanitized US Facility. Made in USA. Description Contains 25mg of full spectrum CBD per dropper full (1ml) Peppermint