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where to buy cbd oil in arkansas

Is CBD Oil Arkansas Legal & Where To Buy? – 2021 Guide

cbd oil arkansas

Arkansas, commonly referred to as the Natural State, is well known for its beautiful green pastures of land. However, are all-natural products in the state, especially CBD, legal?

With CBD establishing itself as an industry of its own and growing vastly in the health and wellness market, it is natural for state residents to wonder where one could easily score this compound praised for having many health benefits.

Arkansas hasn’t been a cannabis-friendly state for a while now. However, you can quickly obtain hemp-derived CBD products in the state thanks to the federal CBD laws outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill.According to federal laws, Arkansas defines cannabis as plants that have more than 0.3% THC and marijuana and hemp as the plants containing less than 0.3% THC. A new legislation, House Bill 1518, was passed in 2019 that removed products derived from hemp plants from Arkansas’s list of controlled substances.

Is CBD Legal in Arkansas?

Very simply, yes!

The bulk of the state’s CBD laws is a lot as with the federal law because it centers around whether CBD contains less than 0.3% THC and has been derived from industrial hemp. The Arkansas Department of Agriculture, through the Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB), has been managing hemp-related activities in the state.

Hence, ASPB has been a critical player in establishing the natural state’s rules regarding CBD. On August 31 st , 2018, the ASPB released a document that intended to clarify the essential rules for CBD in the state.

The document helped make a distinction between cannabis and industrial hemp. In alignment with the federal law, the document considered anything with more than 0.3% THC to be cannabis and illegal and anything with less than 0.3% THC to be industrial hemp. Hence, as per the document, products that had been derived from industrial hemp are considered legal.

This also means that cannabis-derived CBD products are considered illegal in the state. However, this is except for patients who participate in the state’s medical-marijuana program.

The document also helped clarify how hemp-derived CBD products are to be sold in the state. For the products to be coined as ‘publicly marketable hemp products’:

  • It should be derived from industrial hemp.
  • Should not include any living hemp plant seeds and materials
  • Shouldn’t contain more than 0.3% THC
  • CBD-derived products should only be prescribed as medication if the FDA has approved it.

If the products meet all the above requirements, they can be legally possessed, sold, and consumed in Arkansas. The board also requires people who want to produce CBD products or grow hemp plants to be licensed by the state.

Eighty hemp farmers have been approved to grow hemp plants as of June 2019. The ASPB’s 2018 document lays out rules that align with the federal CBD and hemp laws. Governor Asa Hutchinson signed HB 1518 in March 2019.

The bill removed all forms of hemp-derived CBD from Arkansas’s list of controlled substances. It also included CBD products that aren’t approved by the FDA. The bill has made the CBD market in the state less restrictive compared to federal rules.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the Little Rock newspaper, reported that hemp-derived CBD can now be sold at stores throughout the state. Arkansas hasn’t specified limits on how much CBD you are allowed to buy, consume, or possess. Hence, hemp-derived CBD is somewhat unregulated in this state.

Arkansas State also runs a medical marijuana program for qualifying to enlist with a licensed physician’s recommendation. However, it is illegal to be in possession of marijuana for recreational purposes with or without a medical marijuana ID card. You could attract offense penalties that go up to 10 years in prison and hefty fines. As of 2018, 5085 patients have registered for the medical marijuana program in Arkansas.

Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Arkansas Online?

Buying CBD online is definitely convenient, faster, and much easier than the hassle of driving down to the store, securing the right parking spot, and picking out the CBD product you want. You can always forego that hassle and order whatever brand and type of CBD oil you want without having to leave your bed or getting off your comfy sweats.

With online shopping, you can quickly check for Third-Party Lab reports and confirm the extraction method of the oil as well as the THC level. This way, you can make sure that the product you want to buy remains within the state’s limit.

However, always make sure that the reports on the website aren’t too old. Ensure that the CBD product has been made from 100% Organic Industrial Hemp to be completely safe, and the extraction method used is preferably CO2 extraction.

You have the leverage to check the CBD products per Dollar Ration and compare them with others to make sure that you get a product within your budget and ensure value for your money. You also have a chance to check what others are saying about the products from customer reviews. You can also get in touch with customer support and gauge how genuine they are from their behavior and communication.

Once you find a brand that ticks all your boxes, then you should check their shipping rates before you comfortably buy from them. Within a couple of days, you will have your order delivered right to your doorstep.

Looking to purchase CBD oil Arkansas but not so sure about the laws? Read on to discover if CBD is legal in Arkansas & where to buy CBD oil 2021.

The Best CBD Oils In Arkansas

On March 25th, 2019 Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a bill into law that effectively removed all civil or criminal penalties for producing, selling, and buying cannabidiol in the state. This was a huge win for Arkansans who will now have an easier time accessing CBD—as well as for growers and retailers who are eager to set up shop in the state.

In this article, we highlight CBD oil products from three Arkansas businesses that are just beginning to make their mark in the region. So read on to find out which companies have the best CBD oil in Arkansas.

Best Overall: 1000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD oil by New Leaf on Life

Ted Brannon’s mission is clear. He has tried CBD himself, found that it worked to get him off dangerous pharmaceuticals, and is offering the same option to other Arkansas residents. Of the three Arkansas companies we reviewed, New Leaf on Life has the most information about their products.

While not completely transparent, we get the feeling this company is going places, and their reasonably priced 1000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD oil seems like a good place to start with our list of the best CBD oil in Arkansas.

1. CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops by Healing Hemp of Arkansas

Purchasing Locations:

  • Little Rock, AR

Located in Little Rock, Healing Hemp of Arkansas was founded in 2018 by four natives who wanted to ensure that their family and friends would have access to the healing benefits of hemp-derived CBD. They carry several products from reputable companies around the country as well as their very own CBD oil.

Healing Hemp’s CBD Hemp Oil 1000 mg Herbal Drops are made from 99% pure Phytocannabinoid-rich isolate, infused with a cooling peppermint flavor. Sourced from US hemp grown in the Western part of the country, the finished product is lab tested for potency and purity. Products can be ordered online, and Healing Hemp of Arkansas also has a brick and mortar location where customers can shop in person.

Price: $78.00 .08 cents per mg

Shipping and refund policies:

•Pay your own shipping

•Returns accepted within 14 days of purchase on unopened products. Contact support to initiate.


•Isolate formulation means contains no THC

•Simple and easy to navigate website


•Third party lab sheets and extraction methods not listed on site

2. 1000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD oil by New Leaf on Life

Purchasing Locations:

New Leaf on Life was founded by Ted Brannon, co-owner of Brannon & Associates Inc., out of a strong passion for alternative health and wellness solutions. Brannon himself suffered from pain and was diagnosed with ADHD. When he eventually replaced hydrocodone and Adderall with CBD, Brannon experienced great results.

Sourced from premium Colorado hemp, their 1000 mg full-spectrum CBD oil is non-GMO and all-natural. It has been manufactured using clean CO2 technology and is rich in Omega 3. Certified and Eco-farmed, the CBD oil has been lab tested for potency and purity and contains no pesticides, solvents, mold, or heavy metals. New Leaf on Life also carries their oils in different potencies as well as an isolate formulation.

Price: $84.00 .08 per mg

Shipping and refund policies:

•Pay your own shipping

•Returns accepted within 14 days of purchase on unopened products. A 10% restocking fee will apply. Contact support to initiate.


•Full-spectrum CBD sourced from Colorado

•Responsive customer support


•Third party lab sheets not listed on site

3. Simply CBD Tincture by Shamans Reach

Purchasing Locations:

Shaman’s Reach is located in Brookland, Arkansas and, like the other companies on our list, has to source their hemp from other states. In this case, they use high quality industrial hemp from Kentucky to make their products. Founded in 2017, the company carries a wide variety of white labeled CBD-based products that can be purchased through their website.

The 1000 mg Simply CBD tincture is a single molecule isolate containing only CBD and an MCT carrier oil. It is difficult to find out more about Shaman’s Reach and its products as there is not much more information provided. They do, however, have a comprehensive blog with many helpful articles and information.

Price: $90.00/.09 cents per mg

Shipping and refund policies:

•Pay your own shipping

•Contact support if you need to initiate a return


•A nice variety of products available


•Lack of information and transparency about the products


The new laws surrounding hemp-based Cannabidiol in Arkansas will allow room for farmers and growers to begin cultivating their own hemp. This will have the effect of us seeing much more CBD sourced from this state in the next year or two, and we look forward to sampling the best of Arkansas newest products.

Looking for the best CBD Oils in Arkansas? We have a list of three of the best products, their companies, prices, shipping methods and benefits.